Welcome to The ReggaeJahm Community ( Inviting Reggae & Caribbean Related Businesses To Explore BlockChain Technology )

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Welcome to the Reggaejahm community ( Reggae Culture Rewarded)
For those who may not be familiar. Here you can post anything relating to the Reggae culture such as:

  • The music ( Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Ska, Afrobeats, Dub , Roots + )
  • Food
  • Events
  • Caribbean content
  • The culture
  • Stories
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • News
  • Gossip
  • Reviews and more.

You can also post positive and and uplifting content, this is what we consider “IRIE Content”.

Reggaejahm has its own interface, Reggaejahm.com and it’s own Token called the JAHM Token

  • By posting in The ReggaeJahm Community and using #JAHM as one of your posts tags, you can earn JAHM Tokens as your content will appear on ReggaeJAHM.com where it can be Upvoted with JAHM Tokens.
  • Posting through the ReggaeJAHM.com interface will automatically filter your post to the ReggaeJAHM community on Hive.blog and peakd.com earning you both JAHM & HIVE Tokens.
  • If you are into Reggae culture and the Caribbean, Reggaejahm is the perfect place for you to hangout, post your content, network with other likeminded people and find a space to feel at home on this vast Blockchain.
  • Reggaejahm is a very chill space that is growing steadily and you coming in early would be a part of the foundation.

Inviting Reggae and Caribbean related businesses to explore use cases for the JAHM Token and Blockchain Technology

We would like to invite businesses relating to Reggae and the Caribbean to come and join Reggaejahm and explore use cases of blockchain technology free of cost. We want to give you the tools in the form of:

  • A platform where your clients can post about your company, its products or related fields. https://www.reggaejahm.com/
  • A healthy amount of JAHM Tokens delegated to your business account so you can reward your clients for doing tasks or bringing some value to your business or industry.

Once the JAHM tokens are delegated to your business account on the Blockchain, you can like/upvote your clients content which issues JAHM tokens to them depending on the amount of Tokens you have staked in your account. One thing to note is if we delegate 100,000 JAHM Tokens to your business account and you up vote multiple clients' content in a day, the JAHM Tokens in your account remains at 100,000. The voting power is based on the amount of JAHM Tokens hold in your account. The more Tokens in your account , the more power you have to distribute from the reward pool of JAHM Tokens. The same applies to the HIVE Token which is the mother Token on the Hive Blockchain.

How could your business use the JAHM Token?

  • Your business could use the JAHM Token to offer discounts or access to various products.
  • You could accept JAHM on your Woocommerce website for certain products. This could be done by setting a subdomain and using this plug in
  • You could incentivize your clients to perform certain task such as sharing your content or creating content for you.

At the end of the day it is how you decide to use the tools we are offering to you for free. In my mind, it is a great opportunity to learn about this budding technology with no risk, and at the same time prepare your business for the not too distant future. If you or anyone you know would like to take advantage of this offer, please reach out to us here reggaejahm@gmail.com.

Want to sign up right away and look around? Sign up here using this referral link. Be sure to save all your keys in a safe place and print them out. After that, sign in using your Private Posting Key On Reggaejahm.com or Peakd. Please note: You will have to do a phone verification to sign up for an account, don't worry it is simple, just look out for the code in you SMS messages.

Thank for reading this post and keep it blessed & IRIE

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Up up up ReggaeJAHM.com!!!

Bless up @dmilliz!!!

Feels like a new beginning. UP MOVE!

Excelent bro, you're sharing what you like, And is good yo see you again

Thank man, at the end of the day we gotta be true to ourselves 👏🤝

Vibes Up, Reggaejahm, nice video Bredda.
Yo, very interesting di Wordpress plug-in, i will move with https://www.luca1777.com/
to wordpress in di next 2 month...what's di name of di plug-in, star?

Respect! Yeah man , Wordpress has a lot of features. The plug in not in the Wordpress store but you just gotta download it and upload it your Wordpress.


It was made by @roomservice

Ah,ok,cool...gotta remember that ;)