The Tuffest Bad Man Tune I’ve Heard in a Long Time.

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Usually I’m not one to post about “bad man” tune, but this shit right here is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. The delivery , the flow, the lyrics the riddim,the video everything!!
⛔️ Warming, this type of music ain’t for everybody, but it’s for somebody.

This song is gonna be the clash tune for a lot of DJs, the dub 💵 money is gonna be crazy. Using the term Crocodile Teeth as a metaphor for bullets is an interesting imagery as crocodiles are a symbolic animal in Jamaica, even appearing on the Coat of Arms.


To put the Coat of Arms in a post with a song talking about guns and violence feels strange, but unfortunately it is a part of the culture just like the symbol above. When you really think about it, it is a part of human culture. We created guns, we created the military, and billions are being spent to upkeep these forces while people in inner cities suffer, some forced/inspired to create their own military, others growing up in the environment not knowing anything else. 🤔

This type of the music is the devil, super addictive and influential in a country with a crime rate that stays high like the weed heads. ( Nothing against weed heads, I could go for a spliff anytime of the day). Will these type of songs ever stop being made? Not anytime soon, it really is a part of the culture, it is the yang to the ying ☯️.

Skillibeng has a buzz 🐝 but this song is gonna put him at the top of the new Dancehall artiste list. What will add to this is the artiste is prolific. Crocodile Teeth’s video was dropped 4 days ago raking up 666k when I jut checked. ( what a coincidence ) and just today he released another video for a song called Bad Man Ting.


Artistes are taking advantage of the digital tools as the stage show game has been put on pause and streaming and Dub plates alone won’t cut it. It’s all about multiple streams of income.

Watch the video below! I seriously haven’t heard a bad man tune that caught my attention in a long time.



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Absolutely love Jamaican culture. Look forward to visiting some day and discovering some amazing #music, parties and food.

Yeah man it is a very unique feeling being in Jamaica, I think your music vibes would be enhanced with a trip. I need to go get some vibes but Covid is still with us. Looking forward to some reggae sessions from you in ReggaeJahm.

Awesome music :)
Welcome on archon

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Non alcoholic 😉

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Yup, and as expected, this song is the #1 trending Dancehall song ATM.