The Persimmon Fruit aka Kaki ( The giveaway fruit of the fall in Japan )

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Happy New Week!

For my #DashOutSunday I decided to go with the dessert which came in fruit form ( also my dinner was boring, but don't tell my wife 😄, it was delicious though). For me, I have never seen this fruit in any other country but Japan. It is called Persimmon but known as KAKI here. KAKI? Yes, many a joke has been made by minds of the gutter, calling the fruit cocky especially as the Jamaican pronunciation of cocky sounds like KAKI.

This is fruit is in season during the fall and it is probably the most freely given away/thrown away fruit in Japan. This specific fruit in the picture was given to me by a friend as I entered the elevator. He opened the bag and said "here, take a few". It will happen a number times during the fall season. Only suckers buy KAKI fruit, most people just get them free. ( Note: Like every fruit in Japan, there is a premium version).

All around Japan you can see KAKI falling off of trees with no one to eat them. But the truth is they don't taste that bad. They aren't exotic like grapes or strawberries but they do have their place at this "getting cold" time of year.

The fruit isn't the easiest to consume as the skin is tough and has to be cut/pealed off. Then its best to cut it into quarters. Yeah, I already ate a quarter before taking the pic, sue me. Watch out for the big seeds as well

How does is taste? Ammm, well, its like a bland apple, with a harder texture. The sweetness though, has no sour hints unlike apples. It is more of a natural earthy sweet. Apples have a more candy like sweetness or sourness. Yeah, its kind of hard to describe.


But you know what, it made a healthy and free dessert, so I give thanks for that. In a country where fruits are expensive and many don't have land, you gotta be grateful when you receive some fruit.

Have you tried this fruit before?


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Ah, that looks similar to the "Sharon fruit", that I've had before in the UK.
The colour (could be just the picture) or the variety is lighter than what I remember. I used to eat "a lot" for one serving, then my mother-in-law advised that it's best not to eat the ones that are too ripe / mature and eat in smaller portions, as it is known to cause a build up of material in the gastrointestinal tract due to the stomach's inability to digest it..which can disrupt the lining of the stomach. Don't be deterred though because it's rich with great nutrients and absolutely delicious😋

Yes ! I did a google search, it looks the same but the ones I saw on the net had no seeds 😳. They needs those here. No worries, no one here eats them often 😆, it really does taste good though and good things it's seasonal. The birds seem to love them too birds 🦅

Lol, kaki. In a local Indian dialect Kaki roughly means "Aunt". And in English/Dutch I would rather think of the color associated with it than go straight for the gutter. 😂

I don't think I know this fruit. But then again I'm not exactly known as a fruit lover.
It kind of looks like a peach, even though it tastes like a bland apple. I'm guessing there are recipes to make it taste more sweet.

😂 trust me, not a year goes by without someone mentioning "Kaki" on their fb posts.

You know I've never heard of anyone trying to make anything with this. I gotta research that.

My first yea in Japan, a teacher asked if i wanted some Kaki looked at her like 👀 👀 ‘is wah you know bout kaki sensei?’ But then she showed me the fruit and i was like ‘ohhhh! Sure!’ Suffice it to say, today kaki is my all time favorite Japanese fruit😌🤤😍 #ilovekaki

Haha. If it was a make teacher you woulda extra shuk 😂 . Really ? Favorite? It alright, my favorite is the summer plums hmm can't get enough of them even though it bun me belly more time 😆

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