The Grassless Grasshopper! Poetry & Photography

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I am a grasshopper without any grass, what a rass!
The grass run dry like Sahara sands.
so I man have to seek higher grounds and have couple rounds

The grass was tall and green and flourished by the stream,
but the well run dry and mi nearly start cry.
My culture my religion to have faith in the Gideon.
I used to escape by myself where I found a world of wealth.


There is some grass growing on the other side,
but any day now the lawn mower could cut it down.
I guess they wait till more grasshoppers are around,
so for now, they let it grow.
Tempted to taste the morning dew.


I still hop, but take the grass out my name,
for now I am hopper. Hopping to find new opportunities in this new world,
hoping one day it will lead to a grassland of my own,
a peaceful place where I can feel in my zone.


For your listening pleasure, Grasshopper by Pablo Moses



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Love this!😍

Hahaha! You must be a grasshopper. 😂

🤣 No, I would be a butterfly🙃

Nailed it with the poetry, I don't recall you doing anything like this before. Bless up, love it!

You know once in awhile I do a ting. It's like suddenly I remember "hey , I wrote poetry" 😂

And just like that, you wrote the lyrics to a hit single.
I can already see people "doing the grasshopper".