Sold 8 years later!

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Yup! Had these paintings sitting for 8 years, not quite gathering dust as I used to hang them up as decoration with thumb tacs.

The thing is I bought them in Jamaica and in order to carry them back, I asked the artistes to take them off the frame. Little did I know that getting them reframed wouldn’t be an inexpensive task in Japan and I’m not really the wood 🪵 work type.


I really love the art from Jamaica and the Caribbean with it’s roots in Africa. Though many of the artistes use cheeper materials like the paint, the colors and designs make up for that.

When I first decided to start a Jamaican goods shop, the main thing I wanted to sell was art and craft as no one was really doing it. But then I focused on what sold consistently... food.


If I were in Jamaica right now knowing what I know, I’d go to many of these artistes right now and ask if I could scan their paintings to try and sell them, then I’d put them as NFTS with an unlock-able feature for the first person that purchases, they would get the original shipped to them. Not saying I can’t do this from Japan but it would be easier if I were there.


The thing is, the artiste in the Jamaican tourist industry probably have their stash in a storeroom ( so I’ve heard) as there aren’t many people to buy. And the tourists who like Jamaica ( or Jamaicans / caribbean massive abroad) but don’t want to travel at the moment would feel a kind of emotional connection to a purchase like that especially if they have already been to Jamaica and seen the craft markets. Or it could just be someone who loves reggae or art in general.

Trust me, I had an emotional attachment to these as well, there is one I have left that I don’t think I’d sell.... well.. for the right price I would. 😝

But yeah, 8 years later, writing this now I realize the emotional/sentimental attachment to all the 🖼, is why I didn’t sell them faster, cause trust me, when I really want to sell something, I sell it! Hmmm and on that note, time to focus on what needs selling. 🤔
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Always a pleasure lion!

Might have to consider ordering a painting from you bro. Yu have anymore?

You know I have like 4 left but never really plan to sell them. But I can show you dem and you can try convince me to sell one 😂. It would a task to get them framed the right way too unless you good at that kinda thing.

Yeah would love be to see them

I can imagine the Japanese people buy anything Jamaican they can get their hands on. They are a people very much into collecting and memorabilia. I think you got a good idea with the NFT thing, just gotta open up the channels, especially shipping.

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Yeah fi real cause the shipping so off key now and ships getting stuck on sand. I would love to see a blockchain company crowd fund electro magnetic train tunnels for shipping channels or something that makes shipping quick and somewhat affordable!

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The decision to sell must've been a hard one. I'd probably hoard them until the end of time. Or give them as a gift eventually. Keep that last one, for yourself and for your little dudes.

Thinking of buying some paintings from up and coming local artists here to give the home a bit of personality. Right now we have full plain walls, with a bit of color, but still.

I still have 3 left as well as one I got for free hehehe. The one the person really wanted though, I didn’t sell it to them. But I know now right now is a good time to grab them up. Yeah man, decorate those walls , with all the nft biz going on it may be hard to get real paintings until the cycle resets.

Oh, I thought you sold and had 1 left. Yeah, I was holding it off, because it didn't have priority, but now that we are settled in, it's necessary for the warmth of the home.

I do get the sentimental value though... If ever I live abroad, I would like to surround myself with ornaments from my country and heritage. Not only for the nostalgia, but also for my future kids to know where they are descended from. I do know that kids and us as parents will have to assimilate to the new surroundings, but I don't want to forget where I came from.

Those paintings are really good by the way and that NFT idea seems marketable.

Very true a seems that is what o was doing, though I had them up for sale at first after the first couple years I didn't really market them out guy used to seeing them on the wall 😂!

I've always appreciated the arts from my country but even more now.

It's times like these I wish I was an artiste 👨‍🎨 😆

I've always wanted to be good at painting or drawing or photography, so have always looked up to people who have a good eye and steady hands and of course a lot of creativity, so I know what you mean hihi.

Same here ! I tried my hand at few digital things but I guess it's he tune as dedication thy put in. I don't have the patience 😂

Me neither when it comes to photography; there you really need the patience and the eye for the focus, position of light, etc.

I have a few pieces some as old as 20 years old. I am going dust them off and then decide what to do with them..

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Yeah man ! Dust them off, but keep the one dem you love! eBay may be a good place to sell them.

Congrats on that, good thing you never give up your hope on these paintings, they finally sold out. Painting looks simply good.

Thanks man. I'd buy more as I see the value in them, like a store of value when I think about it.

Yw dude. Keep rocking.

The question though is , what is the right price ? For ppl who don’t go home often or in my case haven’t been back home , some of these are priceless.

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Exactly!that is how I feel! The right price is really hard to say! It was hard to let go of these but was tired of hoarding them. Now to think how to invest that money, don't wah nyam it out or Apple it out 😆