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Sometimes we succeed, other times we fail. In this case, my Sunday Rice & peas failure has become a #dashoutsunday post.

It all started when I found an old package of coconut milk in the cupboard, it had me reminiscing on some rice and peas. To my surprise, I also had a can of kidney beans which my wife brought to my attention. I was feeling like yes "today is the day I do a proper #dashoutsunday".

I searched for the right herbs and spices to make this Sunday special, though some ingredients were missing or weren't in an unprocessed form, it was enough to get by. Here is wat I had to work with:

  • Thai coconut milk
  • Thyme
  • Italian Kidney beans
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Scallion
  • Onions
  • Garlic paste

Now this is basically all you need, but here is what was missing:

  • The right type of rice: I used the Japanese rice which kinda clumps together compared to a Thai or Indian rice.
  • No scotch bonnet pepper, well actually that I can do without.


I scooped out 2 cups of this Japanese rice and put it in the rice cooker. I am not good with using Japanese rice cookers as the numbers and Kanji confuses me as I don't use it often.


I prepared the onions and scallions by cutting them up and then just throwing everything in the rice cooker including the beans and the red liquid that was in the can to give it that colour.

Where I went wrong

was adding 1 cup of water,then adding the ingredients, I should have added the ingredients then added more water if needed, in other to get it at below that 2 cup level.

Here is a pic of the the ingredients all together with the coconut milk still chunky for your viewing pleasure. From there it was just to mix it all together evenly and turn on this contraption.

This is what it looks like all evened out.


And here is the end result. My rice and peas became porridge. Now, I don't mind eating it like this, I find it easier to eat, but my family members don't like "wet rice".

The good thing is, there were no dinner plans, so the rice and peas was just me prepping for prepping sake as a back up and I wanted to feel some Jamaican vibes. We ended up going to the in laws house and having dinner. My family was saved from this poor wet rice and peas.

Before my wife went to bed, she told me, "please put the rice in the fridge and make a new batch as we need rice for breakfast tomorrow". 😂 The rice and peas now sits in my fridge waiting to be eaten by me and me alone. 😞


After coming for the in laws house I saw my neighbor outside and stopped by for a bit. He showed me his new/old record collection and I took a spin. One of the records I spun was Cocoa Tea's, No War.

We definitely don't need any war at this time, whether it be on the battle field or the kitchen. Today's battle was lost but I live to #dashOut another day.

Have a blessed week full of action and creativity!



Dash Out Sunday is an Initiative in the ReggaeJahm community you can take part in every Sunday by making a post about your weekend cooking or eat outs, along with your thoughts and shenanigans from the weekend. See this post for more info.

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Thanks a million dudes! Much appreciated!

Lol, Uncle Roger would not be happy about your rice cooking skills this Sunday. 😂

Is the last rice picture the same pot that had the "porridge", because it looks much more dried up and better in that one.

It looks dried up but in reality it is really wet, I could have lied and said it came out perfect 😃. I actually ate some last night and it wants bad, I may use it and make some friend rice tonight

That's exactly what I was about to suggest bro. Fry it all up.
We don't let food go to waste in the Caribbean. 😂

Damn right, some beef bts would go good with it 😄

You are speaking my language! beef bits, pieces of smoked ham, you name it.

Hi @dmilliz
I didn't think of a coconut rice pudding that wasn't sweet.
In my country only coconut is used for sweets. At one time I tried coconut beef ribs, but a long time ago, of the rest, most was sweet.
But that really looks very, very good.

Yeah man, in Jamaica the Sunday rice and peas is very popular, the coconut and herbs give it a heavenly flavor. Try it some day. "Jamaican Rice and peas". I am sure you will start making it often

Forget the beans in the can...no more nutrients in it!
Cook fresh, mi bredda...more work, i know😉
I just made this post from cooking yesterday
So i guess i can use #DASHOUTSUNDAY , too!
Will give you some vegan/ital inspiration in the future 😉

A true man, the can biz nuh good, but more time can't get the right beans here. Yes Bredrin Dashout some ital recipe. I would appreciate that.

I meant ton reply to your last comment but my phone died right when I finished typing and nuff thought, gonna get back to it soon bredda.

😂 cooking rice is not easy :)

In Indonesia we just use our finger make sure the water not over the first line of your finger

And you should add stronger herbs and spices to make it better like cinnamon, bay leaves and lemongrass :)

Without strong herbs then your rice dish will be fail 😁😁😁

😄 Thanks for the finger trick. The truth is I used to cook Ok-ish but since recently I haven't cooked so much, so it is like I have lost the skills.

Cinnamon, you know I looked at the cinnamon bottle and put it right back in the cupboard thinking "people don't use cinnamon on rice". I shall herbs up my rice next time for sure and use the finger trick 😅 Thank you!

Do not use ground cinnamon. :)
Use stick cinnamon :)

I hate rice cookers I tried cooking rice in one and it came out all gummy smh. Next week imma make a proppa ting. Gungu peas and rice with some oven baked jerk chicken. I'll try to make a nice post.

A true , rice cooker you gotta be careful. Looking forward to it. Post up bredda , upvotes a gwaan ✌🏿

ha ha ha ha ha I made a pot this past weekend too!

Secret ingredient in this house...Oxtail seasoning in the rice & peas...lol Trust me!!!! lol

Bomboclaaat! Oxtail seasoning, that sounds like a hit! I gotta try that. 😄

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Yeah man...I tried it a few years ago and haven't stopped lol

Now you got me thinking bout oxtail LOL. It has been a long time!