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RE: Preparation For Exodus 🦁✡️ Akae Beka - One Foot In Front 🦶 #APART {A Picture And a Reggae Tune}

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apparently thought I was a CIA agent.

HAHAH, every white man is Babylon 😄. What a ting.

Ethiopia seems like a fitting place to continue the journey.

Jah deh pon yuh side. Stay blessed lion. Gonna meds to this tune in a few.


I tend to have the most savory landlords. In Cambodia, I've rented from former Vietnamese Warlords, Khmer Rouge Generals, and the list goes on. I never intentionally rent from crazy people, but when you're strapped for cash, you end up in the belly of the beast pretty quick.

If Ethiopia pans out, there will be plenty of good food, interesting culture, things to do, places to see, and all affordable too. !ENGAGE 20

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