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RE: My Favorite Busy Signal Lovers Rock/Conscious Tunes

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Busy Signal is a versatile bredda, from the hardcore to the lovers rock. You think you could mek tunes to those type of riddims?

Respect for the nice early morning vibes. The night shift video, give me a joy to see it after a bit.

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Yes mi bredda, dem tunes got di vibes😉
Yes, i think i could reach there with the riddims...
once i find enough time/money😜
You saw the Spotify numbers crashing and jumping back up again?
I did some moves and we are back up...but only 'til 17th this month😉
Will tag tracks & send them to DJs...collect DJ email-adress & send them to me.
I will send you a tagged version of our song soon.
Yesterday "Bitcoin Times" had already 8,5K Streams on Spotify..reaching 5 figures soon...then the algorithm will pick it up more automatically...
Bless Up

I was wondering if you could spit to these type of beats. Btw keep in mind I got crazy riddim round here too, a lot of them not tracked to mix though , already set but the way I see it, we should be putting out tunes nuff.

Yeah I saw the dip, but never too pree it. Zeen, yeah 9k plus to rass!!!you doing the damn ting!

Btw my bredrin in JA got the video , model props link , editing, filming , everything. Used to go high school with him, now he’s one of the Caribbean’s most known actors. So when the time right ( and hopefully then crypto booming ) we got them links a yaad.

Gonna work on the emails.

Yes star 10K+ soon😉...we push it to 10 Million Streams🤑
Talking about your Ja bredrin, is he here on the blockchain?
I remember asking a guy in a post about video production in Ja,
how much it cost..i think he said depending on how many locations you chose
to 1K$/per minute...Bitcoin Times is 3 Min.

Regarding the video production in JA, not sure of the cost but it should be more affordable. But lemme go ask him yah now, I think it will all depend on what we want.

I was thinking of a vibe where we work with the reality of the times. You in Germany, me in Japan, my bredin in JA.

So it could be a vibe like:

Dmilliz: Star, we cant go to Jamaica cause a covid to bomboclaat, mi want some a beach clips for the music video star.

Luca: Yo milliz, link you bredrin in JA to get some clips of some Bitcoin dancers and work with that.

Dmilliz: Yo that is a good idea, a matter of fact let me call him right now.

I call him, him seh, "yeah man, simple ting dat just send me 0.25 Bitcoin".

I send him the bitcoin and him seh "ladies wi live!!
Song drop eeen

"gyal dem a wine fi di Bitcoin"

Then some clips of you in Germany watching the clips and in studio. Some clips of me doing somethin in Japan.

And it could be a Fear or Love, Bitcoin times juggling.

Just dropping ideas.

Sounds good...i had the same thought about the "3 perspectives" (Japan/Jamaica/Berlin).
Can i see some of your bredrins work?