Peakd, Hive Blcockchain Q & A walkthrough demo by 3 Jamaicans in zoom meeting

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Greetings massive

Today I got @datametrics, my long time friend, on zoom and showed her how to use @peakd. We were joined by @missaj as well who gave some good input to the teachings. In this video you will get a good understanding of how to use peakd and the Hive blockchain and some good ole Jamaican vibes 😄. I like this format of showing a new user who isn't really familiar with the blockchain, as they ask the right questions many will be asking again and again. Though not everything was discussed, I think we hit most of the main points and @datametrics left the meeting with a good understanding of how peakd and the HIVE blockchain works.

By no means is this highly organized, but goes with the flow of the conversation.

Time Stamp

  • Logging and the keys needed in. 3:40
  • Creating a post on your blog and in communities. 11:00
  • Advanced features such as beneficiaries and saving pieces of info to to the clip board. 13:40
  • delegation, HBD, Hive and Hive power, upvotes. 16:56
  • Advanced snippet / clip board 22:27
  • Statistical tools and more Hive backed dollar talks 24:25
  • Curation rewards ( earn by viewing and upvoting other peoples content) 31:30
  • My thoughts on Governments issuing digital currency and how it may impact crypto currencies. 34:27
  • Sending HIVE tokens to another account or a cryptocurrency exchange. 36:36
  • Delegating HIVE Power 47:46
  • Resource Credits 49:20
  • Swapping HIVE for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin 54:39

And more.

One thing I really missed out on was explaining the Powering UP feature and how it = to hive power which gives you influence on the platform. I think that deserves a whole video for itself and was actually meant to be left out as there is a lot to take in with this sophisticated technology, HIVE.

We talk in patois at times but anyone can understand what is being done.
As promised I made @missaj and @datametrics beneficiaries on this post.


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Nice informative video. Mih love dih vybez bredren.

Respect. Hope u found some value as we were all over the place.😄

Yes i definitely found some value, and some of the stuff i just learnt in the last couple of days. It can definitely be confusing to newcomers though.

Cool video you made to explain this blockchain.
I saw my post in there.
This is the way to do it, inform and #posh.
Truly #hiveisalive
Irie !

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Thanks man! And for reminding me too.😎. A lot of good questions were asked. And recording it makes me realize what I missed.