New Single by Lila Ike - "Forget Me" + Thoughts on Toxic Relationships + Q [ What is the craziest thing that happened to you in a relationship ? ]

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Lila Ike in a photoshoot for her single "Forget Me" off her LP titled, "The Experience"

Lila is such a cutey. Had the chance to check out her latest video on the drive to work. This one is fresh so be sure to check it out The visuals are brim, real topnotch quality and the Riddim has a trap fused with modern day roots reggae feel to it. It works well with Lila's vibe and message.

A lot of questions ran through my mind when seeing the visuals and listening to the tune, for example; do men really look at the messages in their woman's phone? I thought that was a thing woman did 😄. Don't make them like they used to.

Your Dreams VS Your Lover

This song also got me thinking of the amount of people who are stuck in relationships that do not help to fuel their growth but instead thwarts it in so many ways. I have been in a relationship like that. I remember telling one of my Xs I wanted to start a business and the first thing she said was. "All you foreigners are the same, just want to come here and start some business and be rich". The same applies to when I told her I wanted to start recording songs and releasing them, " You, you can't do that!" Well of course we are no longer in a relationship.

Once of the Craziest things

One of the craziest things that happened to me in a relationship was a high speed chase. You see, I am not the type to hit a woman, or take part in an argument that is going nowhere, I'd rather walk away.... or in this case drive away. One of my past lovers and I had an argument that was getting heated as usual, so instead of making anger get the best of me I drove off. She wasn't having that. So off we went, high speeds down small roads. Eventually I made a turn and shut off my lights and watched her pass me by. Eventually she started blowing up my phone. It was a real toxic relationship.

The right one

The right partner will encourage you to pursue your dreams and help you get there by doing what they can. They won't do it for you, but they will be there with you. They encourage you to grow as a person and you naturally do the same for them. Once one party starts doing things for spite and down play the other's dreams, you might as well forget about it.

Check out Lila Ike's latest single, Forget Me. Also tell me the craziest thing that happened to you in a relationship?




Photo Source+ Cover via Canva App

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Fiyah!! Foolish music is clogging up the airways, nice to see some of the new generation steering things back towards the consciousness.

Yeah man, conscious vibes still deh bout, just a little bit harder to find. I though covid would purge-out a lot the crap but i guess not

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Well, I guess people are how they are - all kinds of things have happened to them which influence their behaviour. Unfortunately, sometimes our hormones do their job and get us involved before it's clear whether this is someone we should be involved with. Hopefully we each have enough self-esteem and we're happy enough in our own skin, to know when it is time to move on and hope the other person finds someone they can be happy with.

Reading phone messages - sadly, there are controlling partners in the world who do this. It's a good move to get out of controlling relationships and seek help if you need it.

My craziest relationship? Tale for over a beer 😁

Sounding like a true therapist:)
Indeed , the hormones get the best of us then we find out who people are.

A lot of people feel stuck in these situations as there may be children involved or money matters or yes, l’avoir self esteem. But getting out can be a tough egg to crack for many.

Ah, the phone can be our best friend and worse enemy. Back in the days our ancestors did it have to worry about that... interesting to see how blockchain will ass to this 😆.

Oh yeah, I wanna hear this story when we meet in Jamaica sipping some redstripes laughing about life

I was in a toxic relationship. We argued and agreed. Later, this woman somehow blocked my dreams and ideas. I try to avoid toxic people. For example, I have a colleague at work and when I get to work on a good day I complain. He does not like at work, small money, etc. I still work😀Time flies and doesn't want to be close to toxic people. I want to develop.✌

Yeah man toxic people are the worst ad they will make you become toxic too if you aren’t careful. I always try to bring those toxic coowerkers out the gutter by letting them look at the brighter side of life. Not always the easiest thing to do.
Thanks for the tipu dude and the comment! Much appreciated.

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