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For some reason NYC is on my mind. I haven't been there since 2011 but I used to run through the city every few years as my uncle lives there and I had some dealings in the city. The last time I went was the first time I had been to Time Square and man talk about bright lights and a sea of people. You gotta love it though.

It reminds me of Shibuya in Tokyo but of course more international and a little rough around the edges. I recently heard that one of my favorite shops in Manhattan is going out of business. Century 21, for those who don't know is a department store selling designer labels and ridiculously discounted prices. I used to stop here on my way back from or to Jamaica and buy a few items as clothes in Japan back in the days only catered to the Asian body, these days it is much easier to find more international sizes as a lot of the world brands have moved in. The department store will close all its locations in NYC and Miami because of the pandemic as their insurer wouldn't cover $175m in damages. Business are closing all over, shit is more serious than the eye can see and we haven't seen the real impact of this pandemic.

A trip to NYC that came up as I typed this was one where I went with a GF at the time. For some reason she was adamant on going to see the Statue of Liberty, so unwillingly I granted her wish. When I told my uncle that we went there he said, "I have lived here for years and I have never been there." The big lady doesn't look as clean as she does in those movies, believe me.

Once the era ends I'll pass through NYC and visit my uncle, he is a smart one. Didn't get married, invested in real-estate 😄. To bring this APART post to and end, here is Shine Head with Jamaican in New York. For years I thought this was an original song. It is only in my late teens I realized it was a remake of Sting's English Man in New York.
One thing I love about NYC is that for a Jamaican, you can feel right at home as almost everything you need is there, including the vibe of the Caribbean people.

Watch out now, I have planted a seed to work on a song called "yard man In Tokyo" or maybe "Yard man in Japan". I actually made a few lines a couple years ago, but feel the full will manifest itself once I hear a riddim that suites the vibe. That is how music works sometimes, the seeds are planted for the opportune time.

Stay blessed! 🙌


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I lived in New Jersey as a kid and my relations were all in New York and we never went to the statue of liberty, either. XD It's more of a tourist thing I guess. We did go to the twin towers though - long before 9/11. Somewhere my mom has a photo of my sister and cousins all leaning on the glass at the top floor and my terrified arse clutching the rail like "ARE YOU DONE TAKING THE PICTURE CAN I GO NOW" lol. I much preferred the Bronx Zoo or the museum of natural history. :)

Right!! Only tourist go to Statue of Liberty ( lol I am tourist ) . It really wasn’t what they make it out to be but at least I can say I been there lol. The shop I like is right by the World Trade Center site, last I went there it was a big open lot. I wish I had a chance to go up there. It is crazy how 9/11 changed the world and now Covid is doing the same, I guess that’s why I was thinking about NYC. Thanks for stopping by dude! If you ever have any reggae, Caribbean or inspirational content , you are always welcome in the Reggaejahm community. OCD curates here so upvotes are abundant if content is decent.

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Yeah, I just saw this video about how coronavirus is changing New York specifically, not only because they had such a huge number of cases and deaths, but the economy. SO MUCH of NYC's economy relies on that foot traffic of daily commuters, and tourists, and not only have the tourists fallen off but many people are working from home or their shops are closed, so all the restaurants and hot dog vendors and coffee carts and such have no foot traffic and are losing their business. Since many companies are likely to stick with work-from-home even after corona, because why pay obscene Manhattan lease rates if you don't have to? ...those changes are going to be somewhat permanent.
Maybe they'll convert some of the office space to housing and it will provide a break on the insane housing costs so people will have a little breathing room? That would be nice.

That would be nice indeed.Here in Japan a lot of the workers are wondering now that that they can work from home, wether living in the city is worth it.

NYC housing is too expensive, the same could be said for down town LA, regarding the foot traffic but not like NYC. Post a link to that video if you have it and not too much of an inconvenience.

I know a lot of the big business are surely reconsidering if they need to pay that outage city rent now that most of their workforce is at home. Interesting times. The speed of change has accelerated faster than many can keep up.

Here's the video:

my uncle, he is a smart one. Didn't get married, invested in real-estate

Interesting way to look at it

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Hahaha ! It’s a different type of freedom that comes with some loneliness I can imagine . But we men love our freedom 😂!

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Good post. I used shop at Century 21 nuff also. Couldn't beat those deals. The pandemic mash up nuff program over here. It did a number on a lot of the businesses in Coney Island as well. Thats the place to be during the summer. As New Yorkers we don't partake in the things most tourists come here to see. Its like we take these things for granted. Most of these places if we actually went, was as kids on school trips. Apart from that nobody nah guh a dem place deh. Im glad i was able to visit the original world trade before it fell. Once again that was a school trip. Yeah mash one riddim yes, looking forward to hearing it.

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Century 21 was the place. Still got a lot of the stuff I bought there. Was thinking of buying stuff there and importing as a side hustle on the Japanese auction sites as peppe can't travel and buy their brands like one time, then me realize it closing down.

Yeah , I can imagine, nobody nuh wah go a dat statue who live in NYC.
For real, a lot of business get knock cause of the virus but NYC peeps always find a way to carry on the hustle. I not even sure what is Coney Island 😂

Lovely beat!
You rock, bro

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Respect bro ! It’s a good day for a beer! Looking Girard to reading your inspiration( once the beer wares off )

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Very fitting classic song. 😂Haven't heard that one in a while.

I hope I can visit New York someday as it used to be. A lot of countries and cities now are changing because of the pandemic. The city that never sleeps with empty roads and closing stores is not good news for aspiring travelers.