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The streets of Japan! Quite different from the streets of Kingston. The major difference, in Kingston your guards up and you pay attention to your surroundings as if your life depended on it because in a sense it does. In Japan, most guards are down but the Jamaican in me can’t help but pay attention to every single detail in my surroundings.

Photos taken of a Japanese shop that caught my eye a few weeks ago as I went for a stroll in the morning. This is an older part of town and no doubt these buildings have been around for a long time. I think it fits the type of restaurant as it serves Japanese classics such as Yaki soba ( fried noodles), shaved ice, and fried chicken. It mainly caters to high school students on their way home who way to hangout.


Now, one would say Japan is safer than Jamaica. But I have come to the conclusion that none is safer than the other. While one may have threats that are immediately seen, the other has threats that that can’t be seen. While Jamaica has “gunmen” and “shottas”, Japan has earthquake and extreme stressors. Yes you might be saying “but everywhere has stress” but I think Japan has a special type of stress. The type of stress that make many take their own life, especially those birthed here that have to adhere to the meticulous nature of the culture.


But as we say in Jamaica, “when is your time is your time, it nuh matter where you deh”.

So the safest place you can be is anywhere, as long as God is by your side and you keep him in your mind. ( If you don’t believe in a God, just call it the universe or your higher self, whatever you want to call the thing that makes this existence possible).

And that is the truth. So to you dear reader, I just pray you are guided and protected in these times, physically and mentally. I pray you and your family stay in good health and are in the right place at the right time and see the right signs, in your going out and coming in.

As the song says below, “Never leave I Jah Jah”



Japan looks really cool. Are you living there? I’ve got some friends out there, as well as friends in/from Kingston.

I learned at a young age everywhere is dangerous. I think it’s an important lesson to teach the youth. Not to scare them but to prepare them and help prevent bad things from happening. There’s a certain beauty to understanding the evils of the world..

Yeah man! Been here too long lol!
Cool! We got a lot in common hehehe.

I agree, not to scare them but to make sure they are alert and pick up street smarts! Bless up for the comment dude!

I'm a big reggae/ska fan too, so we do!

Yeah for sure. Only way to keep 'em on their toes while they're having fun!

You know I was gonna mention this to but decided to leave it out. It seems they been dumping since the quake and it flows straight accros the specific. Except a real godzilla soon 🔜

Invest in a water filter system.
I use the German Brand "Carbonit Monoblock" 😉
Check the cartridges for radioactive...they can filter a lot, not
sure about radioactive material...

A true... any place has its risks & chances...
Stay in your heart with Jah/God/the Universe, that's the safest place 😉
Bless Up Bredda!

Straight up! Jah guidance and protection! Was listening to that consistency Riddim this morning。 It nice!

Give thanx, Boss 😉

Powerful message and indeed no place is better than the other I think; it's what you want in life. I do realize that not everyone can leave though.

I really empathize with the Japanese citizens regarding the suicide numbers; I really wish that they get the help they need and that the mindshift will come. I do know it's an entire different culture and that change won't come easily, but I believe that it will come gradually or I need to hope it does.

Real ting!
A lot of people want to leave where they are and can’t for real, and a lot of people want to go back to where they are from but find it hard as roots planted in new places.

The Japanese really need to legalize weed and make therapy a thing that people take seriously. And the work system really due for a change. The younger generation slowly fighting back and let their voice be heard. So it’s a starts

Ok, it's a start in the right direction and I hope that they will power through. With my part Asian background I do get where they are coming from though; the obey your parents and the stress put on excelling in school and life; but I am fortunate to also have been brought up with Western standards. I got the ins and outs of both worlds.

"You may leave JAH, but JAH never leave ya'.

I can see what you're saying. The local Surinamers and Guyanese in my village, upon hearing I spent 10 years in Cambodia, say things like "I don't like them countries that make war and kill each other, etc." It's a different host of dangers, in the Caribbean I like to watch the eyes of others on the streets because I feel some reveal their intention before physically making any moves.

Of all my time in Jamaica, the only sketchy thing that ever happened to me was a few guys followed me from a distance, and they copied my zig-zag route, causing me to think they were sizing me up. No problem though, because I can disappear like Countryman himself.

In Cambodia it's traffic, drunk driving and domestic violence that are the real killers. No mental health services lead to a lot of breakdowns in the bush. That place looks pretty run-down for Japanese standards.

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I’m not a Rastafarian but I can relate to the message in the song. Acknowledgement and awareness of a greater power does wonders. Even in a safe country we still have blind spots. So, having protection from the one who sees all, in our going out and coming in, is a plus.
Nuff Respect @dmilliz