I Knew This Day Would Come, But Not This Fast

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Happy Monday JAHMERS!

Today I heard the news that Reggaejahm will no longer be a part of the OCD incubation program. I got the news from @shanibeer on discord ( she assumed I already knew). I didn’t even realize until she told me as I am not active on discord. It has never been my thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tool but I just don’t have the time to be on it often.

I went and did some digging for myself and saw the message in the community incubation channel from @acidyo. His points make complete sense. Other communities were out of the program as well. The reason I believe Reggaejahm was dropped is our numbers weren’t growing enough (subs, members, posters ) as well as our content may have been a bit limited and lacking at times.

But you know me, I stay grateful and I’d like to thank OCD, for all they have done for this community. It was a pleasure to have Reggaejahm in the incubation program and I know many of our members benefited.

Another side of me feels relieved as we were becoming dependent on this incubation. It does help a lot, but I like things to be natural. Many communities are benefiting from the community incubation program and I am happy to see it. When HIVE just stared, most people were only posting in a few (2) communities. That isn’t the case anymore. OCD saw how they could solve this problem and they came up with the program and it has been working wonders.

As I say in the video, I know there aren’t a lot of people on HIVE interested in posting about Reggae and Caribbean content, there aren’t many Caribbean nationals here and it’s not the easiest type of content to create especially when trying to be inline with the HIVE narrative of long form original content. But for me, the goal at this moment, is to secure a space for Reggae and Caribbean content and for people from the region. So when they slowly start trickling in ( we have to get them in as well 😆) there is a space dedicated towards the culture where they can feel welcomed and also to help diversify HIVE.

We as a community have to secure this space and build it together!

Blessings! More love, more life!

PS: Dapplr is the 💩!

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Samurai don't give up), there is a word very popular in Jamaica - Freedom! LOL! There are positive aspects to this, you can raise the coin to the skies, because now, less coins are produced, and then the whales themselves will want to own the coin and participate in the process).

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Never said anything about giving up 😆 , but at the same time , i know it will take time as this is a highly narrow niche. The price of the coin is not a concern to me at this time. They have a saying in Jamaica , "the higher the monkey climbs, the more his ass gets exposed". These are defining times in crypto, and as for jahm, it is not an investment it's a utility in which the utility was wiped out. Now the utility is the redemption of Music instrumentals until
other utilities can be made.

There is one more proverb, in Russian, I will try to state it correctly, lol - faith, it is a material unit, if you want to believe that Jahm is an empty sound, then it will be so. But, if, you will cherish and appreciate the little that you have, it will increase in value. I wouldn't hire you as a salesperson lol you're too honest)

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Man you always keep it positive! I cherish jahm for sure , trust me!
Who said I was being honest ? 😂

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Thank you for breaking the news to us.
I believe with every set-back there comes other possibilities, so stay positive 💪


Most definitely. I have no doubt about that. We just gotta keep going and groaning. Trust me I am grateful.

Yeah, me too. It was a good run. Let's focus on grinding 💪

I don't know how I missed this post, popping in here a little late. Well...I think your words aren't misplaced. We'll see where the future takes us, and we just need to be creative and drum up some new ideas. Things will work out as they should in due timing.

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