First Time Trying Eaton's Jerk Seasoning!

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It seems I go to BBQs often. Its been a month and a bit ... or a week? Who knows 😆, but what was different this time? I tried a new jerk seasoning, well one I have personally not tried before. The jerk seasoning is called Eaton's. The one I usually use is Walkerswood.

I got the jar of Eaton's in a gift basket I won some months ago and boy am I glad I have it. I left my half full/empty jar at another friend's house the last time we had a BBQ. No doubt it I won't be getting it back...I won't even bother to ask.

A review but not a review

The Easton's has a lighter look compared to the Walkerswood which is quite dark. The first thought that came to mind was less preservatives but I am not quite sure. The smell is potent compared to Walkerswood but the Eaton smells fresher for some reason.


The packaging is quite vibrant as well and I think for a Jerk seasoning that is very important as many have mastered the alchemy of the seasoning. As usual I seasoned the chicken the night before and the noticeable lightness compared to Walkerswood and Grace's brand was very noticeable. It also seemed not s thick.

To the Grill

Everyone was standing around, so I took it as my cue to get some chicken jerked on the coal grill before things got busy. Again, there was no grill with a lid for smoking which is important for jerk chicken. Oh, those green things, Just to fill the spot up on the grill as I didn't bring much chicken, only 5 pieces as there would be many other things on the menu.

There was lamb and beef from the Brazilian butcher shop and let me tell you that is some prime meat. I was surprised these Japanese dudes knew how to handle this type of meat. They usually like to grill meat strips that cook fast.😄 And of course there were the oysters, clams, other seas foods and vegetables and a FVCK load of alcohol.

The Result

The jerk chicken was amazing, I may have to switch brands, I am not gonna lie. My wife was impressed as well and said "this one tastes better" ( as in tastes better than Walkerswood). As I mentioned before, the Eaton's has a fresh taste to it. You can taste the individual herbs and spices. The spiciness also has a good balance with the herbs and you can distinctly taste the scotch bonnet pepper in it, which is a major ingredient. I think I found my new Jerk of choice. If you have tried Eaton's before, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Here is a pic of some the BBQ goers this time around. Notice only one dude sitting down, the other guys were chilling and grilling but thats what happens when you have small kids around. I heard the bill for this BBQ was around $600 ( I think some fancy bottles added to that). But the business owners among us have a system in place where they take turns paying for the BBQ in pairs. I just bring my jerk. The BBQ system I really like is just everyone brings something. But it is a different world.

The other guy that wasn't a business owner said something to me:
"Dean, we are the only guys here who don't own a business" basically saying he felt small. But then I reminded him "I think we are in the right place being around people with business experience". As they say, you are who you spend your time with.

Now, I am not a business owner, I have side hustles but by being around business owners I can learn and be aware of various opportunities.

Thats all folks. Have a blessed week and speak life.

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Jerk chicken Look nice man. You know I’ve never used Eaton’s. It really looks lighter. Great that it gives a nice, fresh flavor of the spices. I’ll try it when I get the chance. 😃

Yeah man try it. Tried a lot of jerk seasonings and this one is in the top 5 I'd say. Maybe even three!!

Lawks free paper bun 🔥 😟

I only know three brands.
Yes, free paper bun. Cho man!

Those meats look so juicy and tender... Yum... :D This sauce is not available in Kharkiv, maybe they are available online...

They were real good 😋!
If you can't find the jerk seasoning you can make it, takes a little time but not difficult.

Eaton is nice...bought a lot of their products living in Jamrock.
Love their mango & papaya jelly! 😋

It a gwaan good mi nah lie. Have to explore more of their products.

Yes I 😉
Eat that Eaton 😜

A Weh yuh get that from?

Yu nuh memba di big basket weh everybody did a eye? 🤣🤣
@dmilliz nuh the one from the coffee song competition?

A wonder when him gonna sell some of that busher jerk again. I like that even more than the walkers wood.

I once got a jar of it from a friend in New York. Now I’m not sure which is the best. Don’t make jerk often enough.

@missaj yup @fruityfruitz is right! From the basket 🧺! But yuh never read di blog man 😆! The busha mad too. Mi need fi start back up but mi a wait pon the link fi ready.

I can’t forget the basket. 😂

Alright mi free up yah now and properly read it through lol. Mi might haffi try out the eatons and compare it to the busher jerk. What I have been looking at are proper bbq grills with cover to get the jerk right/ they ain’t cheap.

You know me, I'm staring at that exotic asparagus. I haven't seen asparagus for almost two years. We ate it almost every day in Ecuador.

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