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Happy Friday! Getting back in the grove of vlogging with this video I made on my power walk in the week. Very cliche message but just a reminder. A lot of us ( especially in crypto) can get caught up with “looking for the best investment” , “gains” , “the next big thing”, “next coin to pump”. But the best investment we can make is looking at us right in the mirror. Look for the gains? Yes! But remember to invest in you!

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A true! Most important, a healthy body,mind & soul.
My Number 1 investment. Then di other richness ;)

Fi real! I'm about to go out and get in a run/walk and some. Health is wealth!

That place where you are looks very peaceful.
Ideal for a hike with a torch in my hand.

I agree with you dear friend, investing in ourselves is the biggest decision. If we do not have health we will not be able to do anything else, we will not be able to work in crypto and blockchain which is our passion.

Exactly, so we can't put the crypto and wealth infringement of our wealth, but through taking care of the health we can gain even more in this space cause our mind and will be ready for it.

It's just a park bro , people would be scared to see you walking with a torch here 😂

It's just a park bro , people would be scared to see you walking with a torch here 😂

Omg! I'm very sorry.

It sounds cliche, but it's true! I like my power walks, I like to engage with others, networking in the community, feeding my brain with positive vibes and ideas!

Great message and everyone should go out every single day at least for a walk... It keeps us healthy...

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Greetings! Sometimes we need to be reminded of the cliches yeah ?

All these things we can do to invest in ourselves will make the asset investment side of things so much more meaningful and strategic. Without the right health of body and mind it will just be a meaningless grind. ( hahaha did I rhyme?) 😂

hahahahaha... Yes, you did! :)

I know that it will sound stupid, but Actifit helped me a lot to realize some things about health, importance of being active, and moving more my butt from my chair... When I started to use it, I can't miss a day without making my 10K steps daily, which is around 1-2 hours of walk...

And it keeps me more healthy, and it keeps my brain more active... ;)

Cheers! Wish you a great weekend!

You know I used to use Actifit but I stopped because the words of a friend and the tracking devices ( not sure why I listed to @luca1777 😂, as the phone is always being tracked) but I still do get my walks in like religion at least 4 times a week. I wanna start back weight training as I feel that's what my body needs.

Thanks dude! Same to you bro! Enjoy the weekend.