Dash Out Sundays Food Pic 📸 Contest 😋 🥘 [ Week #2 ]

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Sushi from the supermarket.

Happy Sunday, hope the day has been going well. Mine is just about coming to an end, but it was bliss, will post about that soon..

Today I didn’t cook, we just grabbed some good ole sushi from the super market. Even though this post wouldn’t be eligible for the Dash out Sunday, as it wasn’t prepared by someone I know or myself, I can still dash it out 😝. ( Check the rules for more info.)



Winner from last week.

Well we didn’t have many participants. Well 2 and one was too late to enter as this contest only last 3 days. But he did represent. Big up to @justinparke ✊🏿

And the winner is!!!

Congrats @jozef230 who shared his Polish pork chops and veggies with us. He walks away with 1 HBD and 750 JAHM!
Screen Shot 20200823 at 8.43.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200823 at 8.44.44 PM.png

Here is a pic of the food he dashed out! Simple but healthy... and no rice! I love that 😝.

And now on to week 2

Welcome to the Dash Out Sunday Contest.

Dash out means to show or throw out 😀

In Jamaican and Caribbean culture, Sunday dinner is the most looked forward to and probably the most extravagant of the week. (Hmmm, but that’s probably Sunday dinner in any country right?) Dishes such as stew chicken with rice and peas, curry goat, oxtail just to name a few,delight many after their church service. ( well, those who do go to church).

With this simple contest I'd like to invite Hivians from all corners of the block to share a pic of their Sunday or Saturday dinner with us in the @reggaejahm community. It doesn't have to be Jamaican or Caribbean food but just made by you or a family member with love. Food brings the people together and while we can't physically taste what the food is like, we can see it and imagine.

Through this contest I hope to get a little more engagement within the community and also attract those outside of the community to Reggaejahm.



  • Post a pic of your Sunday or Saturday dinner in the comments below. Original photos only. They are watching👹.

  • If you bought food you can post a pic and get some votes but it won’t stand a chance of winning. The dinner must be prepared by you or a loved one to be eligible to win.

  • Tell us a little about the dish in a few sentences and anything else you'd like to add.

  • Reblog and upvote this post.

  • Subscribe to the ReggaeJahm community if you haven't already.

Feel free to make a comeplete post about your “Dash out Sunday” dinner in the Reggaejahm community or on ReggaeSteem.io. You can also use the tag #jahm from any HIVE Interface. Making a post is not mandatory.



I have changed the rules a little as it is hard to gage how much HIVE a post will generate.

  • There will only be one winner, and they will receive 1 HBD and 750 JAHM Tokens!

  • Upvotes will be given to all participants based on the community, AKA please vote other peoples’ dinner pics 😂 . I’ll also be giving out some JAHM Up votes and using the @reggaejahm account to give some HIVE votes.

  • Contest ends in 3 days Japan time, but the winner will be announced when this post pays out.The winner will be chosen by me based on food presentation and yum factor.

Good luck! And let’s “Dash Out” those dinners!

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simple but delightful pasta dish with stir-fried fresh onions, garlic, chickpeas, cauliflower, and a tiny slice of Carolina Reaper pepper fresh from my father's garden-just for a little kick!

fresh avocado on the side-a staple in this household.

my girlfriend wanted the pesto but i went with the tomato sauce.

not the fanciest by any means, but certainly hitting the spot tonight!

cheers to all

And cheers for taking part in the Dash Out Sunday Contest.
Ah Kale in the pesto, that sounds great ( replying to the comment on the post here LOL). Avocados seem to be trending:) Oh I just realized this is a "no meat dish" excellent for the Sunday vibrations. Blessings👏

Delicious! I eating breakfast😀

Mi deh yah!!! Been trying to eat a lot more greens but it’s Sunday so let’s pop in some friend chicken and boiled eggs. Mixed up a little mirin (sweet sake), grated some ginger , add some pepper and a little soy sauce and Bob Marley is your uncle . Dinner is ready.

Look well up mi don. Can't go wrong with fry chicken. A nuff greens dat man. No rice...yes!!!! That sweet sauce should go good with the chicken 😋

Yes iyah - sweet sauce fi di bird!

Im hungry😋 Delicious!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 16/32)

Respect Clix. I appreciate you man~!

Wanted to drop this off before the deadline. No time to make a recipe post for this one, as I was bit rushed.

I whipped up this fully Ital aloo-channa masala and some rotis for the family. This one's got turmeric, ginger, onions, green chilies, garlic, chili powder, coriander, garam masala, cumin and bay leaves. A spicy meal if you're into that sort of thing.

Suriname can't make food like this.

I-tal is Vital!!


That looks really UP Bro! Right in the nick of time! Well presented as well. you really need to get the ital/wellness cafe going again.

I am hoping we find a stable place in the world to restart that project. For now it looks like we might be able to escape Suriname for Nepal in the next few weeks.

If we can get there, we can live on 1/5 of what it takes to survive in inflation-rampant Suriname, and hopefully we could spend a year or two rebuilding our lives and getting more than two 00's on the end of our life savings.

All this stress of surviving day-to-day for over a year has take its toll on my mental and physical health, and we're ready to live somewhere where "paying rent" isn't the main thing everpresent in our minds.

Bless up yourself @dmilliz.

Nepal don’t sound too bad at all. A bit of a journey but nearer than mars.

Well I hope the roggy road will smooth out for you soon lion and you can get back to that project. Your guys food always look well presented with the passion in it.

Damn, that will take a toll on yah for real rasta. And here I am complaining ( not out loud ) about my job. But you know what lion, jah never fail we yet. Jah alone!

Big thank you!😀😀 polish dinner💪

Bless Up dude! And thanks for being the first to enter and blessing the contest:)

Hello @dmilliz
This contest is great, it's already late to participate, but I'm sure I'll be participating next weekend. I've already invited several people, I'm sure there will be some who will participate in this one, as soon as you publish it I will run the post for some groups.
Little by little.

Looking forward to it bro. And tanks for spreading the word about the community initiatives, I know project hope community really stick together and build. I admire that about you guys. Stay blessed dude🙏

Una sencilla cena una arepa asada rellena con queso y aguacate. Acostumbro a abrirla completa y a cada tapa le coloco relleno.

A simple dinner is a grilled arepa stuffed with cheese and avocado. I usually open it completely and I fill each lid.


Hi @sacra97. This is last weeks contest. Please see this weeks contest here https://peakd.com/hive-183952/@dmilliz/dash-out-sunday-week-3-the-food-pic-contest

Gracias por la invitación @dmilliz