Capleton - “Stand Tall” Live performance.

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This is such chill & conscious song. Great performance from The Fire Man Capleton. The look in his eyes are priceless. It’s like they say “I don’t come here to play, righteousness mi a preach”

Stand Tall is off of Capleton’s album titled More Fire 🔥 that was released 20 years ago.

🎵 All di wicked man will have to fall,And the righteous one will have to stand tall, a di man wrong man name dem call, now dem back against the wall dem fall.🎶


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I really like Jah Jah City and That Day Will's hard to choose.

Capleton has so many greats. Jah Jah city and that day will come is fire. His refebt song dedicatee ti his mom is so powerful too

Oh, how cool! I like that animated video.
Cheers for that. Deep lyrics!!

I love these kind of live performances. No auto-tune, no weird sound editing, no flashy complicated choreography, just pure simple quality talent, vibes and fun.

Fi real, just straight up Uplifting music for the soul. I hope I get to see Capleton live someday.

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Preferably when he can still jump around a bit. :)

Respect Selectah! 😀