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Happy BBQ Sunday!

It was nice out today, perfect weather to get the grills fired up! My second wife aka my wife’s friend who is always at our house finally found a BF, so we grilled up at his work place. It’s the perfect spot as there aren’t many neighbors, and it’s a decent size lot with all you need to get get a bbq going. *Ah! I guess I can’t be grabbing on second wife’s ___anymore as I have to respect the fact that she now has a man. 💀

Taka is in construction 🔨 and is doing well for himself as he owns the company.

No Jerk, No BBQ!

It wouldn’t be a bbq unless I brought the jerk chicken. I seasoned it early Saturday morning with some walkerswood jerk seasoning, onions, garlic and a little honey for a spicy sweet flavor! Luckily we got some chicken 🍗 legs which are perfect for jerk.


Had to have the Reggae,

had to feel that island vibe along with the jerk chicken. Bluetooth and a U-Roy playlist on Spotify, though no one else has a clue who was blasting through the mini portable.

Japanese love their seafood

One of the homies came through with boxes of shell fish, literally boxes bought fresh from the fish market. A little butter and garlic got em sizzling and edible for those like myself that don’t really fancy this kinda stuff.


The jerk looks burnt

but that’s how it supposed look... and the heat was a bit high. It turned out pretty well even though it was grilled without a cover which would give it more of a smokey taste.


Throw some strawberries in the whiskey 🥃

to give it a fancy look 👀! Though someone ended up eating the last of my fermentations. Seriously though, I’m tired of drinking, I’d rather have grass, but this isn’t the place for that.

Sea Snails 🐌 Anyone?

I thought not, I didn’t indulge in this one, but it’s a pricy delicacy here, good for those who wanna make babies.... and I’m done with that ( and these young folk rather have 🐕s)


The good thing about owning a construction company

is you can use the machinery at a BBQ as an attraction, who needs Disney land when you have this?

Have a blessed week y’all!
Keep it IRIE!
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I guess Taka's equipment was much bigger than your meat. 😂
Jerk chicken always looks dry on the outside, but then somehow it's super juicy on the inside. Just looking at the snail gives me the creeps. But maybe it won't be that scary to eat if you cut it into pieces.

Haha good one!

It was all friendly consented grabbing though, but we knew this day would come sooner or later 😭

The heat was way hot though , the second batch was burnt on the outside raw on the inside. Had to fork it up to get the heat through.

Ah shit, and the cold temperature outside must mess up the dynamics as well.

Was pretty warm out for a change, not Caribbean warm though 🌞

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Give thanks 🙏! The dapplr video feature made things more dynamic

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That’s not burnt that’s just a nice char. If someone brings me a peice of grilled chicken with a little char on it, I might not think they seasoned it...

But that looks like a really good time. Even the seafood looks pretty good. As long as the texture isn’t to strange I’d give it a try

Yeah man! Not burnt at all, it’s just how it’s supposed to be, could have been a bit spicier but gotta keep it mild for the kids.

It was first warm day in a long time. Looking forward to BBQs in the coming weeks

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The jerk looks good

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It was brim!

Looking forward to checking out that new beat you dropped.

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Awesome man I got a try some jerk sometime. Just dropped another one too bro

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That looks like epic fun, I need to take a ride. That might be the first time I heard you speaking Japanese on Hive too.

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I shoulda tried it but yeah, next time,

You right yuh nuh, I really don’t use Japanese on Hive. Should speak it more in vids.

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Hahahaha even I would've gone on that ride; seems fun 😁
Now I'm thinking about 🌙 cake... Haven't had that in a while. Also don't know a lot of people who know how to make it.

I can see from a distance and stuff is good

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