Let it flow! Be A Source Of Abundance & Irie Vibes!

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Happy Monday! I recored this video on Sunday morning but just now getting the time to post it. In the video I talk about the importance of letting abundance and the good vibes flow through you. I was reminded of this recently via a bible verse, I've been getting into the groove of reading a bible verse first thing in the morning as my way of putting God first. It's been difficult as the bull market has me looking at CME first thing some mornings. But the Bible app has ben a helper. Now I am not religious and I haven't been to church in ages, but I am spiritual and I believe the experiences written in the bible hold true today, as they did back then. Nothing new under the sun.

Now, I couldn't find the exact text of the verse I read that day, but after doing a little search I found one close to:

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.
Proverbs 11:24
Makes a lot of sense to me.

But basically I talk about giving freely and not hoarding your resources ( it could be money, time etc ) just letting it flow and being of service and bring vale to others. I make this videos to remind myself especially as it is easy to forget these universal principles. I hope ypu have find some value in it.

Here is a Reggae song I found called Blessings by Bynham. I never heard this artiste before but the song is inline with the vibe of my message! Enjoy!


Yes @dmilliz . Love yu post bredda. Positive vibes all di way. Balance wi seh bro.

Respect man, try our 3speak some time.

Will do bro.

That's a very interesting approach you take regarding the bible. Not being a believer, but using the stories written down to reflect and apply to this world (without, I suppose, to take them to literally).

"Those who give freely will receive!" is definitely something I do believe in, regardless of being a bible verse or not. Buddhist say something like: "Happiness in oneself will be found by giving to others!". I like to believe in that as well. Sometimes it's hard to follow these principles, but I try my best :)

I very much like and agree with how you go about posting: Write whatever feels good and can provide some meaning to others. Or offering your support and help to others when they can use it. All without the idea of trading this for money. Funny thing. The other day someone in our community liked the 2021 banner I was using and asked me if she could use it. I told her: Why you like to re-use mine, the branding is not yours and the text may not what you like to us? I can create one for you if you wish. Asked her a few questions and created one for her. Then she asked: How much you'll get from me? I never talked about money, but apparently, she thought about it. Obviously, I denied the money since I didn't do this work to make money out of it. Anyway, I try and go by the ways you behave as well :)

Great video; Great message! Hope some of our whales will slap some more rewards at your post above :)

I wouldn't say I am not a believer but I just don't dive too deep into a lot of the practices.

I really resonate with the words of Buddha, just found out yesterday that the 180 bumps on his head represents the human emotions/wants and the dot in the middle of his head is one of them. interesting concepts, I always just thought it was his hair. 😄

Ah good man, especially if something is easy for you, might as well just be of service, but there is also a time to charge people of course, but in that situation no need. Good deed that will be remembered.

As you said it is not easy at times, but it does feel good when you practice it.

And regarding this post and votes, well the whale votes would be nice, but if they don't come, its all fine right? Because that energy will flow from somewhere else. And plus I got good engagement.

Thanks bro!


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Hear Hear 🙃

Owww you also passing out Wine... I really shall look at what it is, I seem to get more drunk by the day {LOL}

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this message.
I should also start reading the Bible more 🙈, because the words indeed give a feeling of peace and reassurance and strength.

Regarding the giving and flowing of things, that's something that my parents have taught me and they learned it form their parents, that when you give you shall receive. I've experienced that myself and seen it also happen with others. Sometimes you even receive back from unexpected corners.


You parents are in the flow, I see they still practice it as they keep on giving you guys veggies and things;)

You the bible app is very convenient, a random verse everyday to meditate on, and if you wanna dive deeper you can with videos or the entire story read out to you. They make it real easy.

Yeah man, the unexpected can be magical and the timing perfect!

Hahahaa indeed the parents here are very nurturing; keeping kids as long as possible at home. There's a saying here "you are still a child/kid when your parents are still alive".

Although, it's nowadays also the economic status of the country that makes it more difficult to move out after graduating and we don't really have apartment complexes for young adults. Those would come in handy for people who just graduated and just started entering the workforce.

That sounds like a big opportunity for you guys to build some appartements for the young and ambitious! I'm looking forward to seeing that manifest 🔮

Owww indeed that sounds like an opportunity yes 😅
When you find a "hole" in the market hihi

Let's find or make the funds first 💪

Words of Wisdom, Bredda!
Flow like water 🌊

Church and organized religion are all a bust now in my opinion. Spirituality is where it's at, the sense of higher consciousness that we haven't tapped into yet.
The bible is still a valid source of positive messages and wisdom though, as long as you don't take everything literal.

Give when and what you can. And you're right, it doesn't always have to be money. I always travel with some kind of snack in my car, so whenever a beggar taps on the window, I always hand him/her that one pack of cookies or small bag of chips I have.

Because of Rona I do have to hoard some money right now, waiting to ball out on travels. 😂

Definitely a valid source indeed, just human experiences from people before us. But we must keep in mind many were drunk.

For real, hoard that cash for your travels, treat yo self. he time to give will be there, time for everything.

You know, I wonder if that strategy would work in Jamaica? Giving beggars food instead of money? I have never seen anyone do that but it makes madd sense ( in the tap window scenario)

I had a flash back of this guy that used to tap window beg, he had the biggest rings, it was like a way for you to just give him something because if he kept tapping it would break the glass 😄

Many were drunk, and we are also reading the King James westernized version, which are not the same as the original documents in the Vatican, so many stories might have been twisted a bit.

Lol, that guy with the rings knew exactly what he was doing. Wicked strategy. 😂

Speaking of church, here's some !WINE

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HAHA you killing me!

Dropping the gems on the timeline!!!!