Carpenter Bees feeding on Sedum flowers

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This time of year the Sedum plant buds, the large Carpenter Bees found these tiny little buds. Two of them were hanging out on a set of flowers.


These Bees are normally a problem for me. They will eat away the wood in stuctures to build homes. Just happened when my Mason Bees got started they kicked alot of them out.


Glad to see they have moved into areas with less competition for homes. The Mason Bees fill the Carpenter Bees old homes full of offspring. So these big Bees need to find elsewhere to live.


The Bees on the flowers did not move much. I guess theres alot of nectar to drink from each flower. I smelled them after they left have the smell of the Sedum is nice. Very slight but still there.


Really close up the look quite fuzzy. They did not seem to mind me there watching it. Maybe they protect each other.. haha


As long as they enjoy the flowers, and not bore into wooden things I own I'm cool with them.


I saw a video online recently where someone raised two Carpenter Bees. They would crawl all over his fingers without trying to sting them. I really enjoyed the video. I think the video is called befriending carpenter bees.


Beautiful pictures!
And the beautiful bloom of sedum.
I have such a lifeless carpenter bee.

Thanks alot, yeah that Sedum is my first flowering succulent. Glad the Bees found it.

Oh cool, I bet the ones you have around you look different from mine. So many kinds of Bees out there.

I have a bee just like yours.

And my sedum is different, but its color is the same :-)

Hello There!
It's a funny thing, which I know from experience...
As soon as Need know your not a threat, they will dance all over your fingers, no problem!
(*Same thing with Spiders!)
Great Bee Shots!
Have a Great Upcoming Week!

Hey there @lesman thanks for the comment.

I need to build up my bravery to let them wander on my bare fingers. Ive seen videos online of people doing just that. But gotta be careful not to disturb them as they can sting.

Need are real friendly, actually..
But "they smell fear", and it sets them
So best is to be "very comfortable" with them!

Thank You for the "DIY Hub" curiation and upvote!
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