September gardening: what I got by mail this month and a few others

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I ordered a whole lot of plants a few weeks ago, my justification was of course that I will be selling some of these at the show I'm planning to be at in December and well, After all the digging and mess in my yard during the last six months of covid, I need to spend some money on things that I like instead of house repairs. The end goal with the renovations is something to look forward to but it's also stressful so some new plant gardening therapy is in order.


These are a lot of plants to find new homes for! Most of them arrived with roots in good condition but one or two looked like they could use a bit of encouragement so I put them on a heat mat, along with some other plants that have been battling root loss. Warm days and cold nights are conducive to root growth in succulents so the heat mat during daylight hours gets the roots growing faster. The little pots covered in plastic are the haworthia seeds I sowed, the heat mat has got them germinating quickly and growing strongly. I use a cheap reptile heat mat

heat mat.jpg

Caudiciform plants like this little Tylecodon strongly dislike having their roots disturbed and you can see that it is wrinkling a little. That's normal and it isn't likely to do much for a couple of months. Patience, not heat is the key here.


I knew in the back of my mind that sending mesembs in the mail was a dicey prospect but at least I only got one. But it also rotted 😕


I decided to do a community pot with all my small anacampseros species. They like shallow soil so this bonsai pot was ideal for them


I ordered a little Mammillaria plumosa and it has settled in well, Mammillaria are usually easy to grow. I first saw this little cactus in a post on Hive by @ludmila.kyriakou so I jumped at the chance of getting one: they are not common here.

M Plumosa.jpg

A pair of good-looking Haworthiopsis plants, the first one is a dark form of limifolia and I don't know what the second is, but I like it very much

Haworthiopsis limifolia.jpg


A young Hoodia - although it looks a bit like a cactus, it's actually a stapeliad so it makes awesomely stinky flowers. I germinated a lot of Hoodia seed 2 years ago and they grew well but I lost the seedlings last spring because it was extremely hot and wasn't watering enough. They became stressed and rotted.


Euphorbia pseudocactus flowered madly this winter and now has a couple of monster seed pods. It seems that these are pollinated by ants, that's all that I noticed around the flowers

Euphorbia pseudocactus.jpg

Finally, Senecio haworthioides. The woolly coating on the leaves acts as sunscreen

senecio haworthiodes.jpg

Posted as part of @simplymike's garden challenge. Details can be found here:


I ordered a whole lotta Peanut...

Juss sayin'... (lol)

I know.... and it's Saturday. What a shameful poster ;) But I don't have any good pictures right now. Soon.....

Waooo what a beauty !!!

Thank you!

Such beauties.
Like I told @gertu on her post yesterday, I'm really starting to grow fond of cacti and succulents. The pictures I see here are all so great. I might start collecting some myself.

Slowly but surely ;)

You were able to get so many species, it's great! You have a little crocodile.
I never found out about the @simplymike contest. I'll go see if I still have time.

Ah, I thought you knew, since you posted using the tag. I need to remember to tag you every time.... I'll try

Thanks, I was already in your new contest. I am going to organize to publish. I love your contest. !!

There's still time, do make a post

Thanks for the support, I just saw it. I went to see the page and am trying to think of what to post. I do not know yet.

Congratulations on your purchase!
I wish your beautiful plants a quick rooting!
I also have new purchases :-))

Ooh! I want to see!

I'm sitting here wondering which ones are edible. 😁

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Succulents and cacti are plants that fascinate me, they have always seemed pretty to me. I love the ones you show here, they are really beautiful. A big greeting from Venezuela.

Las suculentas y los cactus son plantas que me fascinan, siempre me han parecido bellas. Me encantan las que muestras aquí, son realmente hermosas. Un gran saludo desde Venezuela.