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RE: Snowballs

in Succulent growers2 months ago

Whay don't we play : What do you see on the photo?

For me, the third and the last photo represent Elmo, from Sesame Street :D

So this white fluffy things are the buds? When my grandma had a lot of cacti, I saw those, but I didn't know (or just forgot) they were buds... 😐


Haha now I see a Frog :D

yep, those are buds. They will grow and then flower will pop from them.
Do you want one too? :P

Ahahaha, you see a frog? 🐸 Indeed, when I look it now, it can be... Frogs are better then toads, I am actually scared of them.

Now I have two on the list. The other was the jelly succulent, where the mother plant had about 30 small ones...that is a full kindergarten already, not surprising that Suzi had that look...🤨