Blooming my Fenestraria RHOPALOPHYLLA

Fenestraria grows in southern Namib.
It is a perennial herb, 4-8 cm high,
flowers up to 5 cm in diameter.

In nature, Fenestraria is usually almost completely submerged in the soil, protected from direct sunlight and excessive heat.
When kept indoors, fenestraria does not sink into the soil.
Prefers a very bright place.

During the dormant period, almost no watering is performed.
In winter, keep at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° С.
But the content from +12 to + 15ºС is desirable.

Watering fenestraria begins in late spring and little by little, only around the plant. Water droplets should not fall on the plant.

Transplanting fenestraria, the root ball cannot be destroyed.

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet













The white flowered one is lovely, I have one with yellow flowers, that is subspecies aurantica

Do you have others in stores?
Or don't you buy them?

They are in stores but you cannot tell the difference really until it flowers

Yes, it is, this is the difficulty.

Such a big flower for such a tiny plant!

And that fluffy mammillaria looks really nice too :)

Thank you very much!
This is Mammillaria Plumosa, it has fragrant flowers with a very pleasant aroma.
Do you have one?

No I don't, but I saw those in a shop once. I didn't get it, cause it didn't look healthy.
I will with for another time :) They look like they have feathers!

Yes, you have to be careful, these plants are capricious!

P.S. Yes, very similar to feathers :-)

Very big juicy flowers!! Must be yummy in salad!?

No, you definitely shouldn't be allowed near my flowers! LoL!!!