Blooming my ECHINOCEREUS viridiflorus ssp. chloranthus (Engelm.)

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I really like Echinocereus.
But before I started making friends with them, several Echinocereus died ...
The fact is that growing them at home requires experience and skill.
But now I have several of them and they bloom beautifully.

Echinocereus has beautiful and long flowering.
In addition, their fruits are the most delicious of the fruit edible cactus fruits.

Echinocereus should be kept in direct sunlight in the fresh air.
Echinocereus can withstand a short-term drop in temperature to -4 ° C and this has a positive effect on the laying of flower buds.
Maintenance in winter at temperatures from + 5 to + 8 ° C. must be completely dry.
But I still rarely, but I water a little.

If Echinocereus is improperly grown, its stem is deformed, "constrictions" appear on the stem and rusty spots appear.
And this leads to the cessation of flowering or shedding of flower buds.

Add 30% coarse sand and a little limestone to the soil.

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet









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