Blooming my Echinocereus PENTALOPHUS

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Echinocereus PENTALOPHUS is best planted in a hanging planter, as it has thin long shoots.
This cactus grows strongly, gradually turning into a bush.

I really like its flowering. But so far my Echinocereus PENTALOPHUS has bloomed with one flower, since it is still young.

The fruits of Echinocereus PENTALOPHUS are green with white.
But my cactus didn't get fruit. After wilting, the flower fell away :-(

Echinoceruses love bright light throughout the year and prefer direct sunlight.

In winter, during the dormant period, a temperature of +10 to + 12 ° C is desirable.
If Echinocereus PENTALOPHUS is kept in winter at a temperature of about + 10-15 ° C, then its flowering will be more abundant.
At a temperature of + 8 ° C dry content.

Echinocereus PENTALOPHUS does not like abundant watering.

Echinocereus seeds have the advantage of being viable for up to 8-10 years.
Seeds germinate best at temperatures from +25 to + 35 ° C.

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet











Wow! Very bright pink! This is so big!

Thank you so much!
Yes, this flower is really big :-)
And the flower color is very beautiful, more beautiful than in the photo!

Is this the one you sent me?

Yes, it was several branches together :-)
And if I am not mistaken, there is still a separate branch.
Are they all right?

Yes, they are doing ok :)
Now they have to survive the winter and I hope to see some of the flowers.

I am very glad that everything is in order!
He must survive the winter, must! After such a trip, he should not be afraid of anything :-)

He better!! :D