Yellow echeveria blooms

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Echeveria yellow flowers 1.jpg

This is one of my Echeverias in full bloom. I got it a few years ago in a local nursery as a very small plant. Since them it blooms for me few times a year. I also managed to give away some little babies that sprouted at the bottom of the plant.

I learned the hard way that it doesn't like too much sun. Spending summer in a sunny spot was leaving burned marks on the leaves. It didn't stop her from blooming, just didn't look very nice. Now it has more shaded spot and it has this lovely, pale mint-green colour.

Lovely plant with even lovelier flowers. Majority of them have flowers in shades of red and pink. This yellow is just stunning! They are not big, maybe 1 cm in length, but the colour is so vivid that they do stand out.

Echeveria yellow flowers 3.jpg

I think it was this one that I used to draw myself a little footer.
Check bottom of the post :)

Echeveria yellow flowers 5.jpgEcheveria yellow flowers 7.jpg

Echeveria yellow flowers 2.jpg

Echeveria yellow flowers 6.jpg

Echeveria yellow flowers 8.jpg

Echeveria yellow flowers 4.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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Yes, indeed, a very beautiful yellow color and the photos are beautiful too!
I don't have one :-)

I will keep one for you if you want :)

yes, I want to, please :-)

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Very cool! The flowers are so robust and shiny that they almost look plastic.

They almost feel like plastic too :)

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That's the exact succulent that my wife is trying to propagate through leaf cuttings. Somebody said it is called the "Black Prince". But I guess ours will not bloom like yours. Do they still need a period of cold temp like cacti in order to bloom? The flowers are really beautiful.

This is not Black Price :)
I have Black Prince and it has red flowers and dark red/green leaves. And this one is very easy to propagate though a leaf.
No they don't. Mine get the same treatment as cacti anyway, since I keep them all outside all year round. But they should bloom for you :)

This is my Prince :) In more shaded spot it would a bit more green. But it is a very dark succulent.

Echeveria Black Prince flowers 8.jpg

Wow that is a beauty. It is more reddish than I imagined. Happy to know mine will bloom sometime in the future 🥰 Thanks for the info.

Such a delicate little flower from such a hardy little succulent. We also have them but I've never seen a yellow flower before. Our common name is rock rose. I love yellow flowers.

Rock rose suits them :)
I think the most common are pink and red. Was nice to see this one with yellow flowers.