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Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 4.jpg

One of my cacti (what else) is growing those cute, fluffy buds. I was gonna wait for the flowers, but I couldn't resist shooting them now. Like little white bunny tails hidden between those nasty spines.

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 5.jpg

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 6.jpg

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 7.jpg

This is Notocactus mueller-melchersii, also called** Parodia**. It has been with me for about 3 years now and it is the first time it will bloom. I have a second one in the same age, but much smaller. I planted it in clay pot as an experiment to compare the two later, and it lever grew as good as this one and is about half the size. Also, it will not bloom this year.

And if that wasn't enough, also 3 years ago I sowed a bunch of seeds and now I have a whole bunch of little 3 year olds :)

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 2.jpg

Aren't the buds adorable?
But don't let the fluff fool ya. There tons of tiny little and vicious spines hiding in the fluff. Later, when the flower finally develops those will be at at the very bottom. Disguised..

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 3.jpg

I suspect the flowers to be gigantic and yellow by the way.
Few more weeks...

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 1.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


I'm waiting for the photo of flowering!

Soon :)
They are growing!

Are the ones I sent ok? It was this type.

Yes, ok, but not all

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Raffaello cactus! 🥥🌵

True also :D


Whay don't we play : What do you see on the photo?

For me, the third and the last photo represent Elmo, from Sesame Street :D

So this white fluffy things are the buds? When my grandma had a lot of cacti, I saw those, but I didn't know (or just forgot) they were buds... 😐

Haha now I see a Frog :D

yep, those are buds. They will grow and then flower will pop from them.
Do you want one too? :P

Ahahaha, you see a frog? 🐸 Indeed, when I look it now, it can be... Frogs are better then toads, I am actually scared of them.

Now I have two on the list. The other was the jelly succulent, where the mother plant had about 30 small ones...that is a full kindergarten already, not surprising that Suzi had that look...🤨

Are you sure there aren't gremlins inside those fluffy buds? 😁

Hmm now I am not sure. I better not water them :D

Then again... think of all the cool posting material you would have. 😁 But yeah, given how 2021 is doing, a gremlin pandemic would probably be a bit too much!

You think? :p
Gremlins would fit just right :D
And aliens
and some transfromers too.

Ahahaha we would probably watch an Alien vs Gremlins, and Transformers kicking ass on both sides! :)))



They look like snowballs, it even has a frosted appearance, and to think that there are many thorns. Wonderful photos!

Thank you!
Except that they are tiny.. about a pea size.

that looks so crazy! is just like snow for real haha
the yellow flowers has to be magnificent!!!

Yeaa freaking adorable!
Cannot wait to see the flowers. This type of cactus really blooms nicely!

Yes, I know! They are beautiful, my sister-in-law is a lover of cacti and crass. she has so many! Haha😄

Tell her to join Hive and show them off :D

yes I WILL!

Not the kind of snowballs you would use in a fight, I guess...

Hahaha nop... Getting smacked with those hidden needles must not be nice.

I had an unfortunate accident where I stepped on a cactus as a kid, so I've never really cared for them, but those look cool. I'm curious to see what those fluff balls turn into.

Outch! I always had some, but now more since other plants can't handle the heat on my balcony. Those are doing ok :)

 2 months ago 

Those do look like fluffy bunny tails! 😁 I've never seen a bud like this! Thanks for sharing this unique sight! 😃

Yea :D It is the first time it grew buds. They are so cute!

The buds are so adorable, they look like small nests.🐦 Also I really like your way of writing, and I hope that we gonna see soon your cactus bloom.
Enjoy your day ! 😁

Aww thank you! Glad to see people read my blah blah :D
I will definitely show the flowers. Cannot wait myself!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Amazing picture, so perfect.
I heard that cactus thorns are dangerous if we are punctured by them.
Is that true?

Some might have some irritating properties, but I don't think they will kill you :)
They are just annoying and painful. And some are so small, that you can hardly see, so you only feel pain or itch.

so they are not that dangerous for us.
Thank you for telling me.

These are cool looking and really do look like snow balls!

Notocactus mueller-melchersii

Jeebus! That's quite the mouthful of a name! 😁

Hahaha :D

Wonderful balls!)
But my cacti, apparently, were not destined to bloom ... (

If you keep if your cacti at home all year round, they will not bloom unfortunately.
They need cold winter rest for at least few weeks to induce blooming.

Thanks! I'll keep it on mind)