Blooming cactus - Sulcorebutia albissima

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sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 1.jpg

Here comes another first. And not with just one lousy flower, but with two! I didn't even expect for it to bloom this year as to me it still seems pretty small. This one knows how to make an entrance :)

Sulcorebutia albissima

She is with me for 3 years and got it as a cutting. First year it spend in a community pot with other tiny cuttings focusing on growing roots. When they all got bigger I splited them to separate, tiny, 4 cm pots.

Since then I treat the as any other grown up cactus - so they get the sun, the rain, wind and stay outside over the winter to get feel those temperature drops. I think think could help them growing the flowers this year, as many of my cacti bloomed for the first time, or after a break.

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 2.jpg

It is a small cactus (just the way I like them) native to Bolivia. In the mountains where she grows, at the altitude between 2000 and 4000 meters, it can get quite cold in winter, so she is used to that. If kept dry, it can withstand temperatures below 0 degrees C.

My one is about 2 cm across now. It is a single plant and I hope it will grow some offshoots soon.

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 3.jpg

And the flowers... my oh my. The shape is typical, but just look at the bright colour! I am glad they managed to open fully as we get some cloudier weather recently and and they prefer to stay closed when it is cloudy. I am not gonna try to pollinate those. We will see if they will produce some fruits on their own.

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 4.jpg

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 5.jpg

What I like about those small fellas (besides that they stay small and compact) are the spines. they are short and stay almost completely flat, close to the body. You can touch it, move it and no blood is spilled.

Besides that they look nice they also have a protective function. By staying so close to the plant, they protect it from the sun.

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 7.jpg

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 8.jpg

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 9.jpg

sulcorebutia albissima flower 2021 6.jpg

Bonus for today:
Notocactus mueller-melchersii is preparing to bloom! Also for the first time. I was showing it not so long ago with the two cute buds in this post

(@mipiano look at Elmo :) )

Notocactus mueller-melchersii buds 2021 8.jpg

My other blooming cacti:

Click on the image to view full post.

Chamaecereus hybrid

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii

Mammillaria camptotricha

Mammillaria Glassii

Gymnocalycium baldianum
Mediolobivia mudanensis

Lobivia Arachnacantha

Rebutia hybrid

Mammillaria Bombycina

Mammillaria Gracilis Snowcap

Mammillaria haageana

Mammillaria backebergiana

Chamaecereus silvestrii

Mammillaria prolifera

Rebutia Fabrisii var. Aureiflora

Lobivia Wrightiana
Aylostera Flavistyla FR756

Parodia concinna

Mammillaria Copper King
Gymnocalycium Bruchii

Mammillaria backebergiana

Gymnocalycium damsii

Echinopsis subdenudata
Rhipsalis pilocarpa
Mammillaria Prolifera
Lobivia arachnacantha v. vallegrandensis
Mediolobivia atrovirens
Mammillaria magnimamma
Sulcorebutia langerii
Sulcorebutia frankiana
Chamaelobivia no ID
Rebutia Albiflora
Mediolobivia atrovirens var. ritteri
Gymnocalycium damsii var. tucavocense
Notocactus Ottonis
Gymnocalycium Friedrichii
Turbinicarpus Viereckii
Rebutia neocumingii
Notocactus Rubrigemmatus
Lobivia no ID

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


Very beautiful cactus!
And of course nice photos



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Oh, my 💚 Elmo is going to bloom!!!!!! How cool. Waiting for the flowers when are fully open :)

I can't wait! I hope it doesn't rain and the flower will actually open.
It's gonna be BIG!


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Great selection of photos

Thank you!

You're welcome

I do have cactus didn't thought that cactus could bare flowers beautiful as yours sir.

Thank you!

All cactus can bloom :)
They just need the right conditions to do so.
Good luck with yours :)

How beautiful! 😍 And "no blood spilled".. hahahaha.. love that quote. This is really quite small. 2cm? wow.. Tiny little fella.

I like how you have al the links at the bottom of your post. That's pretty cool.. don't know how you managed it, but COOL STUFF! It really makes it easy to relocate an older post.

Happy Blooming!! Looks like more to come soon 😊

Haha there is a little bit of blood sometimes :p

I can paste the template here if you want to make something like that too. It is not hard :)

Oh yes... the blooming season is on! But I already see the end of it unfortunately. Then I will have to wait until next spring.

You know I like my Orchids, but your cacti are AMAZING. So unique and pretty. I have a few and try to treat them well. On occasion one will flower.

I would definitely be interested in the template if you are willing to share the good stuff with me. DON'T feel obligated. That would be awesome though 😁

NO BLOOD! No Blood!!! lol

Can I catch you on Discord? It will be easier to explain :)

Very beautiful.
Do you grow the cactus plant yourself.
Because I always see pictures of captus flowers on your blog.

Thank you!
Yes, they are all my plants :)

Cool, they are all so beautiful.


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