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RE: People Are the Best ROI

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This looks like a magnificent day :) Makes me want to return to Coffs :) Soon I hope :)

I agree that the constant reminder to engage everyday is a message that needs to be hammered all the timer.
If people want to improve their position then they need to engage

I use PeakD and everyday I look at all topics, first I look at trending and up vote and comment on posts that engage me to do so

I then go to all recent posts and do the same.

I engage with new people and new people engage with me everyday

My home in Coffs


You are doing a great job with engagement... I still have a lot of space for improvements, and I can do better...

That's a great photo... I like those "long ocean waves"... Here on the Mediterranean Sea, they are very rare...

I would say that Coffs is looking much better than living in a city :)