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RE: People Are the Best ROI

in HiveHustlers7 months ago

Yes, it's all about people. If you delete people from the equation, everything will collapse. People are reading your post and watching your videos, maybe you do not know that unless you see a comment. Many people are reading and watching, I can bet.


It is enough to look at our "old home" (old blockchain), where is now ghost town with bots upvoting, creating money, but there is ZERO engagement... It can last for some time, but it won't be long... :(

I agree with that. We have never thought that we had to face this. In the end, everything turned out good. We have Hive blockchain. I get more support on Hive than steem blockchain.

everyone gets more support here than there... Actually, we had that Steemit STAKE as a "hanging piano" over our heads... Now, that we don't have that obstacle, everyone is more relaxed and focused on growth...