Dare to be Different!

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As always, the best inspiration comes from reading and watching awesome blogs post by great people from the community... This time it was a great vlog post by @jangle where she talked about being a purple cow and of course, a bit from my favorite author, @russellstockley who inspires me with almost every his post... If you don't follow him, do it now! :)

The story about the purple cow almost everyone knows... In a nutshell, the point of being a purple cow is to stick out, to be "more visible" in your business as there is a big competency in almost any niche... The only way to stick out is to be different than others, to offer something special, unique...

It's nice to know the theory about it, but to actually do it, and BE the purple cow is a bit tougher... It's not impossible, but it needs effort and work... I saw a lot of examples when people make 1 change on their website and they think that they have done it ALL... That it's enough to stick out... Usually, it's not... It's a beginning, but not the end...

And that's the biggest trap of all... When you THINK that you have done your job, and you are good!

To avoid that, you should take a look at your results AFTER your CHANGE... If there are any results, well, I have bad news for you... That doesn't count as a CHANGE or BEING DIFFERENT... You have to get back to your workshop and keep building...

Check out the video for more insights about it and my personal look on this...

PS. When you get into the part "worm" change it to "caterpillar" :)

In the end, I would like to make an update of my current numbers (July 26th, 2020 - monthly target 75%) on #MyHiveGoals:

HIVE POWER - 14,533 / 20,000    72.66%
CTP POWER - 113,036 / 150,000   75.35%
HIVE Followers - 278 / 333      83.48%
LBRY Followers - 971 / 1,500    64.73%

Numbers are going up slowly, but some of them are going too slow... lol... Maybe I have created impossible goals? Will see at the end of the year... ;)

Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here: https://peakd.com/myhivegoals/@robwillmann/new-challenge-myhivegoals-set-and-achieve-your-goals

Thank you for your time,


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Link to my initial post is here

These are my initial (and starting) goals for 2020 on June 1st, 2020 and this #MyHiveGoals Challenge

HIVE POWER - 12,092 / 20,000    60.46%
CTP POWER - 98,148 / 150,000    65.43%
HIVE Followers - 222 / 333      66.67%
LBRY Followers - 648 / 1,500    43.20%

Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
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Be authentic and being true to yourself is super important

Indeed! Being something else has no sense at all... It's like a missed life...

Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for being Different Zoltan @ph1102 - Yes any change needs to be driven from the inner desire to self reflect and instigate self development.
It is something that is usually borne from unexpected events and recognition.
Which requires a willingness for self reflection.

And thanks for the shout out :)

Here is a butterfly that is a purple cow - or is that a Purple Cow that is a Butterfly - or maybe it is a caterpillar that thinks it is different

I like the image VERY MUCH! Thanks!

You are right about the trigger for the change... It usually comes unexpected, and we have a choice to accept it, or reject it... It can be scary, but it's worth every second!

Change not for the sake of change. You want to do better and make progress. You consciously make changes step by step. Thank you @ph1102 for sharing the message!
Have a great day!

You want to do better and make progress.

The problem is that a lot of people WANT that... But, not everyone DOES something about it... A lot of times that stays as a WISH, without an ACTION...


Great video Zoltan. Trying to impose change on ourselves is will power that tries to change our habits. It's only through countless repetitions that such changes become new habits and then they become part of us. We should seek change only if this change brings us closer to our true self...

Recognition... will power to change... action... repeat... :)

Seeking change without a good base is usually just a vain action... But, if it comes from our inner self, there is a chance for do it!

Yes! Dare to be different. This video is so on point on so many levels. Being the "purple cow" is essential nowadays to stand out in the sea of regular cows. But first, we all have to go through an inner change. It can't be forced (Lord knows I tried many years ago lol), because we have to go through the metamorphis, the process in order to truly achieve that authenticity.

As you said, we have to look within & express our true selves. And yes, with it comes great responsibility to ourselves & the people we affect. Business wise (& even personally), that's how I came to be the Pixie Post. It didn't happen overnight. It took years for me to transform into my own unique self & brand. I went through a lot of growing pains but it was worth it to become who I am today.

So, there's no shortcuts to take in this process but it is so valuable. When you go through life on autopilot, you are missing out on so much. However, when you become the butterfly, you will discover a whole new "life" of meaning & purpose.

If you ask me, that is not even up for debate ;) Thanks for another inspiring video! You never cease to amaze me 💚

It can't be forced (Lord knows I tried many years ago lol)

This is a good thing... Maybe it looks like futile process, but I think it's not... Maybe you will not MAKE THE CHANGE, but with those tryouts, you can TRIGGER it... You are sending the message that you are ready... A response can be fast, or longer, but it will come... It's just a matter of time... "Those who ask, will get... " :)

When you go through life on autopilot, you are missing out on so much.

Huh... this is a BIG TRUTH! We are missing so much when we are driving our lives on autopilot... or even worse when someone else drives our life... Humans are social beings, but that doesn't mean that society dictates our ways of living... it's vice-versa...

Thank you for the great comment! I had to stop for a while and think a lot about it... :)

I never saw a Purple Cow,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one.[1]
-- Gelett Burgess

Last line is real satire.

Great! I like it very much!

Being a purple cow isn't an easy thing... It's always easier to leave "dirty work" for others to do...

Sometimes we have to find our own identity before we can present ourselves to others. Many times, especially in business, we create a facade in order to make ourselves look better, bigger, smarter than we really are in order to impress our prospective client. However, this does not help nurture a relationship with your community. Discover yourself...be yourself...express yourself. Then you will be able to truly build a following of people who are engaged with who you are and what you believe.

Many times, especially in business, we create a facade in order to make ourselves look better, bigger, smarter than we really are in order to impress our prospective client.

You are right about this... So many times we see all those perfectly dressed up people, with a perfect face, haircut... It's enough to open FB or Instagram and you can see thousands of examples of perfect people with perfect lives...

Unfortunately, usually, the real picture isn't like that... And the real picture ALWAYS comes to the surface if we engage with them... Actually, sometimes the result can be positive, and people are better as persons than they look on the pictures...

But, the best thing is when both images are "in-sync" and we have complete authentic person in front of us!

You are on it! Good luck for your goals pretty achievable.

Thanks... I'm walking toward those goals... Maybe a bit slower, but I will shift into a bigger gear if needed... :)

Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and really great advice on being different to get results in your business, or even in your blog and vlog, and being different is not so much about being someone else, quite the opposite, just be you, each one is different, though many don't dare to show it, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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