Buying Things With Hive - #hiveisrealmoney Challenge

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I saw a couple of days ago that @sergiomendes has started a new challenge named #hiveisrealmoney, which could help in the promotion of our awesome HIVE social media network... After that, @pixiepost jumped in and created her vlog about her purchase using Hive coins, and inspired me to do my part!

As I'm not very "fast" in response sometimes (, I have taken my time, but luckily kept that idea in my head and finally did it! I have recorded a video about my USE CASE of Hive cryptocurrency and not just in one purchase, but many... Also, I think that the HIVE is heavily undervalued at the moment, so I try to control myself to not spend too much but accumulate them for better times...

And I do not doubt that we are having a bright future for Hive... Check out the video to see how did I spend my HIVE... :)

You can find more details about this #HiveIsRealMoney challenge at

If you spent some HIVE to buy something, please let us know in your blog post!

You check out some of these awesome places:

If you want to accept Hive-Engine tokens on your website, you should contact this website: as they already have solution for that!

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Sounds like a promising challenge! In order for Hive to achieve real world utility, it's practicability as a currency has to be increased so this challenge you put out looks interesting.💪

I have just taken part in the @sergiomendes challenge, as some people are saying that crypto isn't money and you can't spend it...

So, posts like this one show that they have no clue what are they talking about... lol...

Thanks for the comment!

Great examples of real use spending of crypto. I have paid for a few things with Hive and CTP Tokens, it's almost like free money. lol
I think the more people realize the real use cases of crypto they will start to make the transition.

Yes, it LOOKS like it's free money... but actually, it isn't... :) Like you, me and others, know how much time we spend here to create, engage... I think that that money is earned and deserved!

We spend a lot of time here. If you spend your time doing something else without spending time here, you can make more money. I think we are here because blockchain is the next big thing. It will change a lot of things. We are just early in this process.

Totally agree... it looks that we are earning peanuts here, but that's just a "current image"... The real picture will come soon...

Users lost keys to their bitcoin and other wallets because they never thought it as a "secured" money. They did not understood the value because they got it 'free".

love it. Thanks for sharing the atuff You spend you momey. The more content arenout there. The better. So when people look for: is hive real? Does hive pay? And all that questions... they will hopefully find out examples. :)

Thank you for creating this interesting challenge! I'm so happy that HIVE is different from others as we have so many use cases, and more to come!

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I bought cards on dCity with HIVE. I've never played Splinterlands. I got involved in dCity a month ago, trying to understand what's going with NFT. It's a learning curve.

If Altcoins price that have value rise, it will give a more clear picture. When every coin price goes up, people who are new to this get more confused. Glad to see crypto price started going up.

I didn't get into dCity... Don't know why... it looks interesting...

And prices will go up... or, fiat money will go down... hmmm... :)

Wait :) till the end of the year, you'd love spending Hive. A ton of hive being spent on the Splinterlandz, look forward to meeting you in the arena. Game on!

You are too strong for me in Splinterlands... I would rather skip the encounter with you... 🤣 🤣 🤣 Maybe in 2022, or later... :P

:) not anymore, a lot of new cards, and I don't really have them :) to be competing up front.

When you think that contrary to paypal, your transactions are 100% free and that transactions are done within 3 seconds, Hive is an amazing tool for e-commerce.

It's just a matter of time before there are more webshops that accept hive.

Indeed... If we want to play statistics game... There are at least 300% more shops that accept HIVE now, that a year ago... :)

I believe we will have a much bigger increase next year :-)

oh, yeah... It's already happening... ;)

Nice purchase of gimbal using Hive.

Thanks... One of the best investments that I made :)