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RE: People Are the Best ROI

in HiveHustlers7 months ago

I really liked your video and it gave me an idea for a post. You are my role model when it comes to perfectioning the social aspect of the blockchain ;-)


omg... please don't get me as a role model for social aspect... lol... I'm an introvert, so, not a best example... 🤣

But, I'm glad that you got an idea for the post... :)

When it comes to the blockchain I would measure the social aspect differently than in real life. By the way I believe that most people on Hive are rather introvert people, me included ;-)

I had a similar feeling when I was thinking about it... A lot of people that are in my surroundings are introverts... and we have met on social network... loooool...

That sounds weird... 😂 🤣