Hive-Voice Art Contest : Design our WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT Flyer And Earn Hive

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Welcome To Our First @Hive-voice Contest

@Hive-voice is a new project on Hive and our goal is to introduce our blockchain to the masses through online and physical initiatives.

You can find out more about @Hive-voice and the team at the link bellow

Become The artist That Will Create The OFFICIAL World Record Attempt Flyer

Since #Hive is the "home" of many artists we decided to run this World Record Attempt Flyer Contest for our upcoming event and reward the best flyer design with Hive.

(More about our World Record Attempt : Our First Project : Breaking a Gaming Guinness Record in World of Warcraft)

We are gonna share with you an image of the front and the back side of the flyer with the details we want you to include and the rest is up to you.

Please leave the contact details in the front side of the flyer untouched but feel free to adjust the text at the back side of the flyer if you have a super-awesome idea!

Tip : The front side of the flyer design captures the reader's attention while the other side is filled with the necessary information about Hive


Contest Rules

  • Create a post with your Flyer Desing and share it in Hive-Voice Community
  • Use #hivevoice as your first tag and include Hive-Voice Art Contest in your post's title
  • Your design must be original and in A5 dimensions (148mm X 210mm)
  • Include our @Hive-voice logo at your design

@Hive-Voice Logo black.png

@Hive-Voice Logo white.png

Upvoting and Reblogging this post is not mandatory but it would be a great way to spread the word about this contest and support @Hive-Voice.


@Hive-Voice team will decide the winner. and the winning artist will receive this post's HBD payment.


This contest will end in exactly 7 days from now. The winner will be announced at our next update and we will share a screenshot with the ammount of HBD transfered to the winner you "Proof of Payment".

Do You Have Any Questions?

Feel free to ask us anything at the comment section bellow or at our other Social Media Channels





We are thrilled by the amount of support we have received so far and we promise to work hard and live up to your expectations.

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What are the exact dimensions that need to be considered?

Hello @quantumg. A5 Dimensions (148mm X 210mm) will work fine 😉
Just added it to the post! Thanks a lot!