Our First Project : Breaking a Gaming Guinness Record in World of Warcraft

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As promised it is time to announce the first big project of Hive Voice.
World Records Greece and Marios Ioannidis have been licensed by GWR to attempt breaking the The Largest videogame marathon on World of Warcraft.

Shadowlands Expansion is on it's way and Blizzard announced the 27 of October 2020 as it's released date. Millions of people will start getting involved with WOW, getting ready, getting psyched.
As always when an expansion date comes, WOW gets a lot of attention.


Hive will be the main brand being advertised in this attempt.

The Record

What we will attempt is to break a world record for the The Largest videogame marathon on World of Warcraft.
The current record is 32:36:00 so what we aim is a 35 hours run.


The Game

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment.
Here are the expansions that have been released:

  • The Burning Crusade, released in January 2007
  • Wrath of the Lich King, released in November 2008
  • Cataclysm, released in December 2010
  • Mists of Pandaria, released in September 2012
  • Warlords of Draenor, released in November 2014
  • Legion, released in August 2016
  • Battle for Azeroth, released in August 2018.


The Guidelines

Breaking a world record is not as easy as it sounds. Guinness guidelines is a 20 pager full of evidence rules, restrictions, and proof requirements. Everything must be perfect, on time and precise.

3 Witnesses, 3 stewards, a full camera coverage full-frame coverage and a memo with every movement are just some of the specifics GWR asks.


The Venue

The record will take place in Patras – Greece.


Patras is located in the Mid-West part of Greece a 2:30 hours ride from Athens.
It's a town of 200.000 people with 33% of them being students.

The record will take place in inSpot Internet Place.
Inspot is the largest net-café company in Greece with over 22k followers on Facebook and will provide us with the facility and tech requirements for a successful attempt.


Previous Accomplishments

Our team has 4 World Records

  • Largest Bachata Dance (GWR – Kalamata Greece 2016)


  • Largest Kalamatianos Dance (WRG – Kalamata Greece 2017)


  • Largest Kuduro Dance (GWR – Patras Greece 2018)


  • Largest Disco Dance (WRG – Patras Greece 2020)


Promotion - Publicity

Breaking a world record brings huge media attention
Thousands of articles online, TV and web TV interviews, radio, newspapers, etc.



A Guinness World Record becomes a HUGE National header for the country that it's taking place and an international "thing" too since WOW is a massive and popular game with users from all over the world.

Also, this particular record will be covered in several streams.
In this Record, Hive will be the center of attention.
Hive and @Hive-Voice will be the main brands featured in this record attempt.
It is an awareness crusade!

HIVE promotion

We have 2 months left since the Record attempt so we need to promote this event :

  • Inside Hive
  • On Other Social Media (shares-tags)

Promotional Material

  • Flyers
  • Someone instantly creating a Hive account for everyone interested and educating them about Hive
  • Fast explanation about Hive on stream
  • Short interviews about Hive
  • Stand with Hive T-shirts

(Stand from our previous GWR)

Get Involved

Our HBD resources will be used for Paid advertisements on Social Media, Flyers, T-shirts and other promotional expenses. We would love to have your support and we are currently looking for :

  • Sponsors
  • Streamers from different countries so they can cover this event and promote it to their followers
  • Bloggers from different countries to promote our World Record Attempt to their audience

If you belong to one of those please contact us below so we can chat. Bounties will be given to everyone who joins forces with us.

Support Us By

Attending to our "Gaming World Record Attempt" Facebook event

Following our official @Hive-voice Facebook Page

Following our official Twitter

Joining us on Telegram

Upvoting and Reblogging this post

By upvoting and reblogging our @Hive-voice posts you contribute in our efforts of introducing Hive to the masses.


We are thrilled by the amount of support we have received so far and we promise to work hard and live up to your expectations.

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This is pretty cool, I’ve never really thought about attempting to break world records so it seems intimidating!

@edicted will we see you MIA for another month with the new release lol.

Who’s the gamer who will be playing for 35 hours? I can’t even stay awake for 20 never mind 35 lol

We will be sharing new updates every few days.
Name of the gamer-participator will be announced mid-September

Wow sounds cool!

Plenty of time to prep and great way to promote Hive!

Will follow!

@tipu curate

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Thanks for the support and the @tipu curation @revisesociology.

We will keep #Hive community updated with fresh news and posts about our progress every few days.
Transparency is vital

Great! Certainly sounds like an interesting endeavour!

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This is so G R E A T news!
I ll come up with a few ways to help, will be in touch!

We are so stoked too @katerinaramm and thank you so much for your support.

Looking forward to work together!

Hi there. There is a typo in the first image on the post. I think you mean "World Record", not "Word Record".

Lol, we paid so much attention in the details and we did a typo at the main image! Hehehe!

Thanks for that my friend, much appreciated!
We are gonna fix it right away and stay tuned for more updates!


This sounds great! Hopefully Hive will get the world record for the least amount of censored content on a social media plattform :-)

That might actually be a record we can achieve no problem! Our team member @mariosfame has a lot of experience in Guinness World Records (he owns 4) so we can talk about that!

Great idea buddy!

Well, the record u suggest meeds a powerful lawyers paper and a high budget to pass. We will see for a direct record for HIVE after completing various projects and strengthen our place. Thanks for the suggestion though

That would be amazing to see high profile lawyers and buisness man talk about HIVE and how censorship resistant it is.
It would be great to watch how these people discover the vast possibilities of the HIVE Blockchain...
Keep your head up folks

good idea pro ;)

Thank you @kruptominer 😁