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I can't believe it's been 10 days since I did one of these!

I've had quite a good time on the cushion since my last reflections post....

20200513_165417 3.jpg

Early last week was just a matter of sitting with a cup of tea and generally being distracted by daily thoughts, but....

By Thursday last week I was finally actually meditating again - I know this because after the usual settling period (5-10 minutes) I wasn't just beeing distracted by daily-thoughts, I got that good old 'mind fog' feeling - which isn't pleasant, but it's a thing I know comes up in meditation - eventually it fades and something else takes over, but right now it's just something one has to sit with!

However Friday unleashed a bit of anxiety about all of the many (and shitty) chores I had to get through over the weekend, then that faded pretty fast, it just takes time for one's mood to settle.

Generally all good 'progress' though, even if that's not what yer supposed to focus on.

A break for weekend, probably not a good idea!

I broke with meditation this weekend, that's just habit, maybe something I should kick. Got drunk on Saturday night, defo not conducive to the path, but it is what it is!

I also spent a lot of time messing about on Hive this weekend, including four hours worth of @mspwaves shows - quite a nice way to spend Saturday evening - with @makinstuff and then @crimsonclad (now with Crim Cam) from 18.00 GMT - but it does overexicte my mind and draw me into beer and Hive,

So hungova me did no mediation on Sunday!

I managed to get back to sitting this (Monday) morning, but I was definitely back to scatter-brain again.

This morning I even broke with my meditation to session to calculate the degree of inaccuracy incurred if I mis-estimate my Stake when working out my curation returns - If I misjudge my current LEO stake by 5%, I get a 2.5% error on my ROI, which could be worse.

Anyway, you see what I mean!

Time for a bit more offline time I think! And maybe a little bit less wknd drunkeness! I need to carry through the sessions for weeks I think - but doing this is quite a lot harder than NOT getting drunk every Saturday.

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Got drunk on Saturday night, defo not conducive to the path, but it is what it is!

It is what it is... Lol

hahah, I mean, I never want to be one to derail a good positive meditation session! I will drink more on air during shows on your behalf- that will count, right? I'll just take that delicious, delicious cocktail bullet for you... no need to thank me. :D

Oh I take full responsibility for derailing my own meditative calm, yes drink more, although isn't it mid-afternoon for you, quite an early start!


Nice, I gotta sit down and go for it too. Since everything has been doing ok I haven't felt the need but it should be good stay active in meditation even when things are going smooth!

I think it's best to carry it on daily whether life is rough or smooth!