from ZERO to HERO

in Telokanda7 months ago my fellow HIVEAN'S !!!! I'm so excited to write this ....
So many people's shocked this morning "how can be , a project without funding can be raising as hell ?"

Before they are doubt , and some of them said GLOBAL RATIO TOKEN as scammy project but now they are HEART ATTACK !!!
6 days listed on CMC (Coin Market Cap) Global Ratio Token being Trending !!!
From 2$ to 46$ 🙀🙀 SHOCKED Af !!!

I have given you a map on my Previous post ...

Let's STALK us HIVEAN'S ....

The Future is Begin

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Way to Go, Mayish-May!

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Go go gooo 😁

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Please keep us posted on your GRT dealings


Waitaminute here, the Volume is in thousands? HUndreds???
or just $304.74??? LOL

Yes, it was under 17,000 total coins max supply, nice start but
don't sell too many, the value will sink like a rock! 😱😱😱

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HIVIANS Baby, HIVE-ians :D