1st Official Curator for Telokanda

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1st Official Curator for Telokanda

My Commitment as an Official Telokanda Curator

I'm excited to use this post to announce the acceptance of my new role as an Official Telokanda Curator! I'm truly honored to be able to take a large role with the Telokanda team. This is easily in my top Hive rewards for all the effort I put into the platform over the past 3 years when I started on Steemit.

This post is the final requirement I needed to meet the qualifications to become an official Telokanda curator and as mentioned in the recruitment post, the 100k KANDA tokens I am to be staked.

Since this post is a perfect Segway into my official status as a curator, I'd like to outline the type of content I would focus on curating but in no particular order of priority.

Basic Curation Requirements

To meet any curation standard your post obviously would have to meet certain standards any Hive user would expect in order to get their post to trend. While this are not exactly set in stone, below would be some general guidelines you would follow to be considered for manual curation (keep in mind, this is not necessarily my standard but rather a best practice for any Hive post you considering posting).


Like the ole' saying goes, "a picture says a thousand words" but in SEO and in the general quality sense, a post must include at minimum at least two images. This would include a thumbnail image for your post and another image to express the content within your post.

Image thumbnail's dimensions are typically 1280x720

Word Length

Let's be practical, if you make a post with a couple sentences, it shouldn't be very much considered quality by anyone's standard.

Generally a post should include around 350 words or more. Exceptions to this rule may be if your post is a video and you put more effort into the video and the editing associated with making the vlog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Titles, use of various heading types and overall blog format will be in line with most SEO standard measurements for identifying quality posts. If you are unsure what blog formats are considered quality, my previous posts would be a good example of a more quality blog format versus some you may see spammed in when reviewing all the new Hive posts.

Grammatical Check

While I miss a few grammar errors every now and then myself, at minimum there shouldn't be any excuse for spelling errors since you have help from spell check there! Otherwise, try and read your post out loud before posting as a good practice to ensure your post flows well when readers see it.

Content Types

Any Official News for Telokanda

Spreading any news or updates related to Telokanda is obviously a sure way to increase your chances for review. I'm constantly looking for the latest news myself for anything I'm focused on, which Telokanda is currently in my cross-hairs and most other users on the platform and using the community tags.

New Games or Blockchain Applications

Most of the content that trends on Hive is what makes other users aware of new developments, games and applications in the entire blockchain ecosystem. This doesn't even have to always be about Hive, since obviously Telokanda is diversify themselves with other blockchains.

Any post about something new and exciting in-line with the decentralized blockchain community is yet another sure way to increase your odds at the 100k KANDA upvote!

Introduction Posts & New Users

Any posts focused on introductions or enhancing the new user experience for hive users is something I try to support since it's in all our best interests for a large and active community across all Hive tribes!

Entrepreneurship & Business News

I'm a corporate guy myself, a master analyst and always following new business trends. Posts related to business especially from a blockchain perspective should be on everyone's radar and a good way for new users to find Telokanda.

General Content

Don't worry, I am not so close minded that I won't consider other quality content in other categories too! I just wanted to use this post as an opportunity to outline some of my interests since obviously I can't completely eliminate some bias that exist in me!

Special Thanks to the Telokanda Team

I'd like to thank @Telokanda @citimillz @empato365 for the hard work you have already put into Telokanda and the opportunity in becoming an official curator. You guys will be glad you made the decision to award me the position and I will do my best to support the community here forward.

I look forward to further progress made and all the awesome content I'll help support along the way!




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Welcome aboard telokanda man!

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Thanks man... I'm so stoked! I look forward to the ride!

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

I expect to be referencing your post for the Quality Standards it contains, it is very detailed and precise! I am a self-appointed curator, I hope to uphold the same standards that you have set forth here... 💪😎👍

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Thanks for appreciating the detail I put into my post! I saw your post the other day about getting 30k KANDA, nice move my friend! I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty of amazing posts from you too in the near future!

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Congratulations, I love the standard you place. Good and happy for you.

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp