Telokanda Weekend Discord Party Tonight By 8pm GMT+1

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The 'Telokanda Weekend Discord Party' is happening tonight by 8pm GMT+1 and new community members are invited. We party over at the Telokanda Discord every Friday nights tipping out free Crypto tokens. Come and earn free HIVE, EOS, BTC, KANDA, TLOS, CHL coins just for attending the party.


Party attendees are entitled to earn via airdrops, redpackets, redenvelope, @kandabot giveaways where winners are randomly chosen, emoji games, trivia, voice chats, quiz sessions. Every Wednesdays, we also host Special Trivia shows by @battleaxe where community members get on voice chat and party by 6pm GMT+1.


Join our Discord and party with us tonight here
Join Discord here

Telokanda is an advertisement platform that uses Hive and Telos EOSIO Smart Contracts to Reward their users for taking Actions. Telokanda has a native cryptocurrency called KANDA which is available on Newdex and @hive-engine.


Subscribe to the Telokanda community on Hive and drop screenshot as proof on comment section to get a good Hive upvote.

Earn KANDA when you create contents using the Telokanda Tribe website

Have your PROMOTED Telokanda nitrous post show up every hour on our Discord for other community members to read and support.


You can buy KANDA on Newdex with TLOS here

Buy KANDA via hive-engine here

Visit Telokanda website here



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I don't like redpacket 😁

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First to click the emoji, is first to win redpackets. Good luck! @sweet-memory 😄

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😁 I always feel I'm the first , but didn't get 🤣

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it is difficult to compete with those who have fast connection and it is impossible for those who use bots (

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we will have other games that level playing field! heres 4 kanda upvote

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Let the countdown begin cause we're about to turn up!!!

Tonight's party was Lit. 💯Classic!