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KANDA Discord has been experiencing a lot of engagements lately owing to the fact that most Hivers just discovered KANDA's use case. So I was on voice chat today with our Discord community members who are mostly Hivers and we were all discussing about how fast our community is growing. Kanda platform is an Telos based advertising platform that lets users earn Cryptocurrency for clicking on ads and also sharing ads. The ads website is under construction and will be launched soon


When we talk about Blockchain Decentralization then we must not fail to mention Hive Blockchain. Hivers can now consider themselves lucky as the ecosystem is expanding. Great projects and communities are emerging too. Projects like Telokanda will stand the taste of time as potential Crypto enthusiasts and Investors have become part of the community. The tribe members who post through the nitrous site or use telokanda as a tag on their Hive posts are earning the tokens already. To earn BIG, early investors are advised to buy and stake the tokens on hive-engine so they can earn real good. As at yesterday KANDA was on number 3 on the list of most traded tokens in 24hrs on Hive-engine.

KANDA can be traded on and so feel free to trade your KANDA for TLOS and vice versa.

Telokanda is already helping in onboarding new members to Hive Blockchain as well as Telos Blockchain. This is made possible because to be able to trade your KANDA token you must either have a Hive account or a Telos account. The coin is to added as an erc20 coin very soon.

Join the Telegram for more info


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When I offerd 1 kanda PER minute for showing up to voice chat , and started tipping to all voice users with &tip my voice channel 10 kanda ... that got peoepls attention everyone joined.... soon a bot from will POST LEADERBOARDS of whose got the MOST text and VOICE CHAT MINUTES and then @kandabot will AUTO tip oen day , ANOTEHR layer for kanda, where we will have peopel BURNING kanda to get privalages to TALK over others etc, you will PAY for VOLUME eventually so u can PAY or STAKE KANDA POWER to TALK OVER others in voice ONE DAY hahaha

and BID BOTS will come back! ALSO we will help VENEZUELA promote CRYPTOPESO on eos and get LATIN AMERICA to have their OWN form of kand abut theyve been working on Crypto peso already check the post out i just made and go to check out the site go to their teelrgam tell them, if they donate fe wmillion PSO to telokanda, we WILL promote PSO to VENEZUELANS and hgave AFRICAN SOUTH AMERICA ALliance

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Hahaha.. That feature will be epic man getting our users to pay or stake KANDA for talk time over others. I will visit the CRYPTOPESO Telegram and let them know our intentions.

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