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Here is a simple contest for the newly onboarded Telokandians and Hivians to partake in an win some free HIVE. Like you all know Telokanda is an advertising platform built on the Telos Blockchain that deals on ads. Users on the platform click on ads or share them to earn cryptocurrency. The platform has also been able to build a staunch community on the Hive ecosystem.

Since Telokanda is still a fresh community on Hive, we need more subscribers on our Hive community here Subscribe to the Telokanda community and drop screenshot as proof on the comment section below for a $1 Upvote. Contest will last for a week.

Feel free to post through the Telokanda tribe here

You can buy KANDA on Newdex with TLOS here

Buy KANDA via hive-engine here

Subscribe to Telokanda community on Hive

More details about Telokanda Community here

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Entry valid!

Nice project on Hive and I subscribed.


Entry accepted!

Done and here's the snapshot-


Entry accepted!


Entry accepted!

I love the Telokanda team. Specially @citimillz, @ackza & @empato 😍

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...and subscribe to #telokanda.

A million thanks sire. 🙏

here is my entry...

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Entry accepted!

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Cool project....

Yeah! Telokanda helps promote Crypto adoption through the use of ads.

Is it similar to the dclcik?

Most definitely @guurry123 but we have our native cryptocurrency called KANDA which is available as a Hive token and Telos token. KANDA will soon be added as an erc20 token and also an EOS token. You can trade KANDA against TLOS (KANDA/TLOS) on Newdex here

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Can you please share the detal post link who it work and how one can earn kotens from clicking adds...

Here is the Telokanda White paper and our ads website is under construction. Here is a sneak peek of what the site will look like

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Ok thanks will go through that...

Hope I'm not late😃


Nah. You ain't.

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Its really wonderful to be here
I'm ready to work😃

Just stay active on our discord and earn more Crypto. Telokanda is one of the communities with the most fun.


Your entry has been accepted!

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