Free $BTC, $KANDA, $HIVE $TLOSP Tips Tonight Over At The Telokanda Weekend Discord Party

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Will you like to earn Free 💲Cryptocurrency tips while spending the weekend at home? Then Party with Telokandians on Discord tonight by 8pm GMT+1 West African Time. The Telokanda Weekend Discord Party🎉 takes place every Friday night 🌃 over at our Discord server

I will be tipping out Free $HIVE, $BTC, $TLOSP tokens tonight to Telokanda members. Lots of fun games to partake in like Emoji games, Quiz etc. We are also going to be using voice chats as well as play music 🎵like we normally do using the Rhythm bot. While the Giveaways will be hosted with @kandabot which randomly selects a winner after the set time for the giveaway so come get lucky.🚀


The Btc, Tlosp, Hive and other tokens will be tipped with bot and also Banjo bots. You also stand of chance of subscribing for the Telokanda VIP role and be rest assured to get HUGE Crypto tips just for being a 💎KANDA Vip.

Feel free to subscribe to the Telokanda Hive Community 👌 and signify by dropping screenshot in the comment section of this post to get an upvote from me.

Also Feel free to post using our Nitrous Site 🙏 to earn KANDA and HIVE tokens on your post. 💯

I will be expecting you famz!❤️🔵


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