What is the faith of the thief on the cross? (4 of 7)

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This is what I understand from this Brother Eli's video:

John 14:12 suggests that we can do greater works than the Lord Jesus. It seems so if we don't understand that verse. This is why some people think, including pastors that they are doing greater things than Jesus did.

Well, even if we do greater works than what Jesus did because we have spent many years doing the work, that does not in way mean that we are greater than the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was only looking at the time factor because he spent only about three years on the Gospel work. Apostle Paul for instance did more work because he spent many years in the service.

The thief on the cross had only few minutes to live, and so didn't have time to do good works like singing unto the Lord in the church. We should note Psalm 92:1 which says it's a good thing to sing praises unto the Lord. So, his faith was sufficient to grant him salvation considering the situation of his restriction.

2Tim. 3:7 says a man of God is furnished to do good works. Doing good works can't be seen as a filthy rag before God. Phil. 2:13 states that it's God that works in us to do his good purpose. And John 15:5 makes it clear that we can do nothing without Christ in us. So, when we do good works, they're going things to the Lord. They're not filthy rags.

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