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!hw ban

Refusal to stop aggressive and hostile mass spam directed at Hive community.

User hiroyamagishi/overall-servant has been reported over 300 times by over 40 different users.

Pushing your message isn't cool.

Your actions have shamed the entire work that you have done.

In fact you shouldn't be here preaching and trying to get money.

Honestly what you are doing is making a huge issue. And totally disgraced your said intentions.

I've been harassed for speaking out about this spam personally. And then was abused further.

You deserve to stay on these black lists.

When I asked nicely in your discord room? You were abusive and threatening. Your entire community should be ashamed and you should donate all your assets here to help the community.

Shame on you and your low ignorant actions. As well as the religious abuses by pushing your spam onto others content and posts. Then you flag people back?

This isn't religion. This is bad behavior and you should be ashamed.

I don't force my believe on you. And here you are the # 1 abuser of the platform..

You are butting your head into a brick wall.
Most of here operate on facts we can establish and not beliefs.

Don't read that unless your faith is strong enough to withstands some unpleasant facts, eh?

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