What must one do to have genuine faith? [Part 3 of 5] .We Reward People for their Reactions ...Topic Video 323🇳🇬

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Faith should come before faith. This, without understanding, has no basis in our beliefs. First we need to know the basis of our faith. After hearing the word of truth, you also believed in salvation. The strategy of how sincerely you can fight was once conveyed to the saints. Even Simon Peter, along with other disciples, was recognized by our strangers on the day of Pentecost when they saw how the word of God was expounded. There is nothing to be ashamed of If someone understands the Bible better, we should be humble enough to learn.

The saying, "No one knows everything" is always true. Some people are gifted in one area, others are gifted in other areas. Even Simon Peter, with other disciples were acknowledged by people as unlearned on the day of Penticost when they saw how they expounded the word of God.

So, as this episode made it clear, there is nothing to be ashamed of if some persons show a better understanding of the Bible than we do. We should be humble enough to learn.