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We heard by Bro Eli from Deuteronomy 18:22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, If the thing is not followed or does not happen, the Lord did not say this. But the prophet spoke arrogantly. You will not be afraid of him. We know more in the Book of MORMON, section :84 that The revelation of Jesus Christ was revealed to his servant Joseph Smith, June, and the six elders when they connected hearts and raised their voices. The word of the Lord concerning his church was established in the last days to restore his people. Which city will be built at the beginning of the temple and appointed by the finger of the Lord. All the people of this generation will not die until the house is built to the Lord and the clouds and even the glory of the Lord will fill the house.

Thank God sister, God bless you

my pleasure

Jesus has said that not all those who call him Lord will enter the kingdom of God. This means there are people who preach human philosophies under the guise of preaching the gospel. For we believers , the word of God is our standard. Whatever philosophy or idea that does not conform with the word of God is false and not beneficial to our faith.

Note also that the Bible says to test all spirits and know which is of God. This is how we know and separate true prophecies from false, and true prophets from false prophets.

Brother Thank God, please if you may allow to put a verse in the bible in your comments. We appreciate your comment feedback. God bless you

Nothing can be more presumptous than that statement of Joseph Smith. Even if the so-called new Jerusalem he talked about could eventually be built any time, where is his hand which he said would dedicate the city, including his six elders - where are they?

Is it not the Smith Joseph that we heard from Bro. Elisoriano that he died in a prison shoot out some time ago?

Brother, we will have Live Mass Indoctrination on June 1. It will be a 2 hour. Please join us it will last approx 15 days . God bless you

Oh! That's good. May I know which platform you're going to use.

I will keep you posted. I think we are going on to Zoom application. Please download it so we can be prepare

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