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Most Christian traditions have the idea that the Ten Commandments have divine authority and will remain valid even though they have different interpretations and uses.
The ten commmandments still is modified from quote Bro.Eli is provide that Lk 16:16
Jhon were the prophets and the law. From that time the kingdom of God was proclaimed. Even people put pressure on it.
From Acts 13:39 and Hebews 7:12 we understand that changing the priesthood. If necessary, the law is also changed.

God bless you sister

Thanks for always provide me your love and support

It is very true that the Ten Commandments have been modified as Lk.16:16, Acts 13:39 and Heb.7:12, all quoted by Bro. Eli.

To lend more credience to the above is Mt.5:21 - where Jesus stipulated some of those modifications. For instance, he equated lust for a woman to adultery and anger/foul languages to killing etc. He even forfade divorce. So, the Laws of God is more than the Ten Commandments.

Thank God, brother Ubani, your comments and understanding make us happy because your feedback is very important for us. We are delighted to know you are in contact already with Bro Edward. May God help you searching for the truth. God bless you

I agree totally that the commandments exists and will always exist. However, we are no longer subject to those laws, and cannot be judged under those Laws.

The greatest of all laws is love. This is why Jesus Christ taught us to love, that being the new law he gave unto us.

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. John 13:34

Thank God, brother @tolustx, your comment is very important for us. God bless you

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