Pepper is 4 months old now!!

in PHOTOGRAPHY [DAC]9 months ago

My baby is big now.. Love the way she is growing.. Hate the way she gets naughtier.. You just can't let her go out of your sight.. Always upto some mischief.. Don't fall for the innocent face..

She now weighs a good 13 kilos and is a healthy lab..






Beautiful puppy! And I totally feel you, my own puppy is now 5 months old, and she seems to be on stage where she is looking all the time what new or denied thing she could do. Like your puppy, look so innocent but the reality is totally different. I'm just wishing that this naughty time will pass as soon as possible and felt that "puppyfever" is not thing anymore for me :D

Hahahahaha.. Yes, always upto some mischief.. I guess once they cross 6 months they calm down a bit..

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