Volcanic Beach and Hive breakout incoming?

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Black sand volcanic beach at Patea. North Island. New Zealand. There is just something about black sand beaches which makes them so special.


Hive looking set for a breakout in the next few days? I am not providing advice so you tell me !


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

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Fabulous photos on your site and they certainly deserve a "Follow"
Thank you for popping in to one of my posts, else I would not have seen this.



Thanks. We tend to live where others don't. We are living on a sail boat in the Caribbean with out 3 kids at the moment; hence my comments about suburbia and my dislike for it ;-)

Brilliant and it sounds like a dream.

We ran the Papillon charity for 17 years in a city suburb that was rated as a crime hot-spot and then relocated down to the Cape Province 3 years ago. Papillon is now 20 years in the charity fields, but thankfully now we work in a rural town and there's no more city life for us.

The town is backed by a mountain range and fronted by the ocean, so we have the best of two worlds. But of course poverty is always present and we manage a few empowerment projects here.

Your life sounds very interesting and I saw that you guys really get around.
All of the best to you.

I will have to check out the Papillon stuff. I would love to explore around the Cape Province

Thank you and yes, we also have a new website, as the old one was donated, but we had no admin permission to work on it. So we had a new one done and it became "live" a few weeks ago.

We also have a pinned post on the @papilloncharity blog and we run an alt account namely @combinarion.

I mostly post nature photos on our blog, as we don't want to be seen to be running around cap in hand asking for donations. Nature is also my first love with the camera.

With a yacht you will have to be carefull of "The Cape of Storms", as the weather can get terrible over here. But you will be sure to discover beautiful nature and wildlife all over the place.

Yes the seas around the cape has a reputation that is for sure.

You see? That's why I said that you seem to know many tricks of the world and that includes nature.
The whales and the dolphins are currently running amok in between the bait balls of sardines here and I have met a photographer with a boat yesterday. So just maybe I will go out with him on his boat to get some photos of the wales breaching.
Here's one of his photos taken yesterday.


i should probably try to understand all those charts but all i see there are lines :)

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lol mate many random things will happen in this space.