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What's 'DraftDay!'?

Today was the third time that I hosted the Rabona 'Draft Day!' on Sunday. That means ~2.5h live Stream, filled with giveaways and basically easy hangout atmosphere, all while talking about the game. I was streaming on, chatting on Discord, extending to dPoll and peakd, while also promoting Twitter activity. Fairly Cross-Platform overall you might think and of course, it's intentional. I want to mobilize people to follow the game across platforms.

--> Todays show Post <--

So far, we've been steady at around only 10 active viewers and some additional chat visitors. That's not a lot of folks, but the Stream has a self-servicing purpose, therefore it's actually pretty oK.rabona.png

At this point I also want to make something clear, I'm not part of the Team and none asked me to do this, it's maybe actually even strange for me to just create and host this 'show' like format. But then against Hive overall it rally isn't, since not a single one of us is 'staff' of the HIVE Blockchain, but still, we all are somehow still working on expanding the chains influence.

Community over everything

Rabona is still early Beta (I would rather say playable alpha) but it has a natural way of attracting players. I highly blame that on the way this game is driven forward. The developers chose to take the most difficult of all the roads, live development while the system is already being populated by a wide range of audiences. That's like a nonstop operation on an open heart, over weeks and months. Impressive and nuts at the same time, there ain't many developers who would trust themselves to pick this pathway.

For me, it's actually a dealbreaker. The reason is simple and smart put to a point as called community-friendly. All the time of live development can be used to actually find an early adopters community. To shape that community and let them be part of the development. Native to the game and ready to carry it out of the darkness and into exposure.
Imagine 50 native Hivers, active on Discord/Peakd/Twitter, thrilled to witness the REAL launch of the first HIVE Soccer Manager Game. That might actually throw enough waves to attract all kinds of people.timmarshallcAtzHUz7Z8gunsplash.jpg

We are very far away from understanding the limits and potential of this Blockchain Game, but the gold nugget will always be layer 0 part of it and that's exactly where I want to be. Hosting the show, creating assets, searching for an audience, and expand it. Somehow I think soccer is that strong, that it can create steady onboarding as well, we'll see about that :))

-- Manni over and out

Cya next week 17:30CET on for the DraftDay!
(oÓ)y Manni



Wow! (:
You're awesome.

thanks :)

Thank you for help the rabona community.

We are all trying to bring new players for the game.

That's greate!

since not a single one of us is 'staff' of the HIVE Blockchain, but still, we all are somehow still working on expanding the chains influence

You've absolutely nailed it there mate! That's how a the concept of decentralization works. The more adoption HIVE gets, the more it benefits everyone involved...bloggers, gamers, devs etc!

Love the draft days btw, good job scouting some future superstars!

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